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What is urinary incontinence?


Nearly 400 million people in the world are suffering from urinary incontinence which means involuntary incontinence. Women are suffering from this disease more than the men.

1 out of every 4 females aged 40 years and over is experiencing urinary incontinence. The specialists state that the number of women with urinary incontinence problem is increasing.  The incidence of both sexes was the same after the age of 75 years.

Urinary incontinence is defined as urine leakage which can be shown objectively and involuntarily, leading to social and hygienic problems. The health specialists say that it is possible to divide urinary incontinence types in women into three. Stress type is the most common type of urinary incontinence, which is caused by an effortless movement. Stress type is the type of urinary incontinence caused by an increase in the pressure of the bladder. It is not related to psychological stress; it is the type of stress of urinary incontinence. The second type is the “jam typeurinary incontinence which occurs as a difficulty in catching up or not reaching the toilet. There is also the problem of “mixed typeurinary incontinence which is seen together.

According to the figures of International Continence Union, 400 million people in the world and 50 million people in Europe are suffering from urinary incontinence problem. And, only 31 of these women are seeking help from a specialist for the solution of the problem.

Stating that the problem of urinary incontinence is a condition that affects the quality of life, health specialists state that the problem might lead to psychological conditions leading to severe depression. In some cases, they cannot continue to work, do not have enough activity in business life, or cannot show production, and there is a lot of job loss and related situations. And, sexual life can also affect negatively the quality of life.

There are many surgical and non-surgical treatment methods for the problem of urinary incontinence. Referring to the importance of hygiene in the process until the treatment, health specialists say that the treatment methods had successful results and that bladder pediatric use could be as useful as obtaining treatment results.


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