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What are the signs of shingles disease (herpes zoster)?


Shingles disease is a painful formations that occurs in the form of bubbles on the skin. Shingles disease may indicate itself in various forms. Occurrence of wounds can cause stress after a certain period of time.

Shingles disease can occur for a variety of reasons. Inflammation of the shingles affects the nerve roots. This results in the accumulation of various eggs in the hair follicles. As a result of the accumulation of the ovaries, the painful formations start when the hair follicles spawn. As a result, small bubbles form in the skin roots.

Shingles disease causes redness and swelling on the skin. Patients also have weakness, fever, constant fatigue, burning or pain on the skin.  The shingles which are trying to form in the area where they are present can be mixed with stomach, gall bladder, and heart and kidney pain.

Shingles disease is a disease that can occur in almost all age groups. But in 50 and over, the frequency of this disease defects is higher.

There are various reasons for the appearance of the shingles disease. Depression, stress, Intensive work pressure, sadness, use of cancer drugs and radiation therapy, unbalanced nutrition or malnutrition, food poisoning and a number of living accidents may be the reason of formation of shingles disease.

Unfortunately, there is no definitive treatment of shingles today. The disease is usually very likely to recur. When shingles begin to appear and you begin to feel symptoms, it is absolutely necessary to have doctor-controlled treatment. If the medicines that your doctor gives you cause lots of side effects and your doctor tells you that you are sensitive to it, you can start with alternative medicine again under doctor’s control.

Treatment of shingles must be done by a medical method. Because, the shingles disease is a disease which affects nerve endings. Medications given by the doctor will shorten the pain in a short time and help the shingles disease to pass. Early treatment of the shingles disease is very important. The diagnosis and treatment of the disease before bubbles and redness will ensure that the painful process is a little bit better.

Medication should be started within 3 days after the burning and pain sensation starts. It is best to treat the shingles disease on the skin without getting rashes. The shingles disease may reoccur after the treatment and various measures must be taken to prevent it from appearing again. The body is fatigued and the immune system is weakened. Therefore, resting during the illness is very important.


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