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What are rare cancer types?


Recently, we have heard about a lot of cancer types such as lung, breast, and lymph cancer but there are some other cancer types that do not seem to come to mind and that are seen very rare and rare. For this reason, the indication should be taken into consideration and it must be treated with early diagnosis. Moreover, these rare seen types of cancer are unfortunately more fatal and more difficult to treat.

Foot cancer is one of these rare seen cancer types. Tumors that start in the foot are usually not taken seriously and can cause lethal dangers over time. The harshness that constantly bounces in the body, the swelling that occurs in the form of gauze on your foot, the pain that occur when you press your foot around the throat are among the most common symptoms. If you are disturbed by these symptoms, you must immediately see a doctor.

Salivary gland cancer usually occurs in one in 100,000 people. Clumping in the ears, formation of tuber around the jaw area, tubular formation in and around the mouth are some indications of the salivary gland carcinoma.

Chordoma cancer is a kind of a cancer usually found in bones. It is especially among the cancer types that occur in the spine region. It is difficult to determine and investigate such kind of cancer types because it is one of the rarest types of cancer. Constant headache, tingling sensation seen in hands and legs and double and blurry vision are among the indications of chordoma cancer.

Despite the fact that it is difficult to understand the first indications of these kind of cancer types, if you have any doubt that you have just one or a few indications, you must see a doctor immediately.


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