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Tips for traveling with Children


Were you frequent travelers before having children? Were you taking a trip at every opportunity you find? What about after having children? Have you ever travelled with your children? Or, did you give up traveling and holidays in distant places until your child is 15 years old.

But despite all the tiredness, it will be an unforgettable experience to wander along the sea coast, to visit the historical places with your baby. In fact, giving up travels after having child should not be the only alternative. There may be methods to have every individual in the family enjoying in the holiday. But raising a child who does not know how to travel should not be the only option.

In general, the new parents prefer to close themselves at home in the first months and then they do not know when and how to start to travel again. It is of course difficult to travel at the first month of your little baby, but remind that it will also be difficult when he/she starts to walk and when he/she starts to go school. Thus, without thinking of the difficulties you must start the best journey you had never had before.

Babies love routine. Trying to sleep in a different bed every evening means sleepless nights and unhappy days for the whole family. Thus, at the first months of your baby, it will not be a good idea to stay at different places every night. Choosing the most appropriate fixed place and turning it home with a few toys, and organizing daily trips to the places you want to see, will be a good point to start.

It will be advantageous for a child to stay in apartment style houses with small rooms and a kitchen instead of city hotels. You may pay a lot for an extra room in a hotel, but in an apartment flat you may find an extra room to chat with your partner after your little baby sleeps. The kitchen option will also be helpful for you to wash the feeding bottles and prepare soups for her/him.

It will be impossible to see every museum, every historical place or art gallery with your baby. Avoid planning to see many places during a day. Start the day with a museum or art gallery and continue with the zoo, pool or park activities where the children enjoy. Including your children in your daily plans will also cause them to enjoy the trip.

Leave your children free to choose to eat what they want. As you know it will mostly difficult to feed children properly at home. Thus, do not enforce them to eat healthy foods in such different places. The potato fries we do not allow at home will not poison the children in a week. Let them eat if they want to eat, and try to feel a bit comfortable.

A light stroller, which you will deliver at the airplane gate, is one of the things you should always have with you when you are on holiday with your child. You can have him/her sleep in stroller when you are having lunch or visiting the museum.

Traveling with another family who has children will be more enjoyable for everyone. Children can play with each other and do not need the constant attention of their mothers. Parents can socialize with their peers.

An enjoyable summer holiday with children should definitely include the pool or the sea. If your children do not know how to swim, you cannot sit on the edge of the pool and relax. Safety of your child will be your priority. For that reason, take precautions with vehicles like arm-floats or do not leave your children at the pool / sea side.

I know most of the parents opposed to give iPad, iPhone, video entertainers to their children. But sometimes these technological devices may be helpful when your child is t kicking the front row at the airplane, throwing the toys around while waiting for dinner in the restaurant. Watching the musical, video applications for 30 minutes can help him calm down.

Have basic first aid supplies in your suitcase. Take the thermometer, fever reducing syrup, pain reliever syrup, the wound band, and the fly repellent measures with you.

In short, children who are accustomed to boarding and traveling starting from their infancy are able to adapt more easily to different people, tastes and cultures, as circumstances change. Thus, do not give up holidays with family after the birth of your child. As you continue your normal life, and travel as you do before, you will see how your little child turn into a small social individuals who knows how to respect and entertain themselves.


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