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Three reasons to add coffee to your daily skin care


Most of us start the day with coffee and cannot sleep without drinking a cup of coffee. Coffee has become a lifestyle beyond being a drink.  The pleasure of a beautiful cup of coffee we bought from the coffee shop nearby our home or delicious coffee that we drink in order to start the day fast… Besides being indispensable as a drink, coffee has many benefits to our skin.

The coffee is full of antioxidant. It has amuch stronger antioxidant activity than the green tea, pomegranate, grape and orange. Researches haveshowed that most of the Americans take most of their daily vitamins from coffee.

It is now known that coffee rejuvenates the skin and protects the body from aging. In fact, according to some studies, consuming coffee, by the help of the caffeine inside it, reduces the risk of skin cancer.

Coffee may help you to reduce bloating and inflammation on your skin, especially on your eyes. Using eye cream involving caffeine will reduce the bloating and inflammation that occur while sleeping. Caffeine stimulates blood circulation in particular and narrows small blood vessels.

Caffeine temporarily dehydrates the fat cells and provides a temporary good appearance for the cellulite parts.

Caffeine gives the skin a smooth appearance and vitality by removing dead skin cells from the surface of the skin. If you peel your face or whole body skin with ground coffee beans, you will see your skin will have a more vivid and bright appearance.


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