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The nutrients that provide maximum benefit when eaten together


Vegetables and fruits are really healthy for the health of the human body. They have many profits for our body when they are eaten separately. But, they provide maximum benefits when consumed together with some other foods. Be sure to try these combinations that allow the substances in your body to be more absorbed by the body. Here are the foods created for each other.

Apple and bitter chocolate: This combination is generally not used very often. But, it’s worth trying. Because consuming apples and chocolate together strengthens immunity, stimulates brain activity, heals heart and blood vessels and reduces cancer risk.

Oatmeal and orange juice: If you take oatmeal and orange juice together, they help to regulate the digestive system and to clean the body of toxins.

Tomatoes and liver: Especially those who have iron deficiency should consume tomatoes and liver together. Iron deficiency causes weakness, chronic fatigue, decrease in metabolic rate and problems with heart and blood vessels. Iron in the liver is better absorbed with tomatoes.

Parsley and lemon: Parsley and lemon are the wonderful twins. Vitamin C found in the green vegetables increases blood circulation when consumed with lemon. They strengthen the immunity system and accelerate the metabolism.

Green tea and lemon: Drinking green tea with a slice of lemon is a great method to prevent thirsty and to increase energy.

Tomatoes and olive oil: First of all, it is a very delicious combination. The lycopene substance found in the tomato is absorbed better with olive oil. This heals heart and blood vessels and prevents tumor formation.

Meat and rosemary: Meat is an important source of protein, but it has to be prepared and consumed correctly. Frying can cause the formation of carcinogenic compounds. It is a good way to marinate the meat with rosemary in order to remove the unwanted effects of the meat. Rosemary prevents the formation of harmful substances thanks to the antioxidants it contains.


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