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The hair trend of 2017: Blood Orange Hair, Blorange!


Taking the inspiration and its name from the blood orange, Blorange is seen to be the hair trend of 2017. Blorange , is a radical new hair color that will be stamped for 2017. This hair color was far away from being trendy before we see this hair color in the Instagram account of Georgia May Jagger, daughter of Mick Jagger. Famous hair colorist Alex Brownsell’s exquisite work resulted in this color. Georgia May Jagger would have liked quite a bit that she shared immediately her blorange colored hair photo from her Instagram account. She also used the word Blorange, a modified version of the word “blood orange” which means “blood orange” in English, in order to define the color of her air. This hair color, shared by Jagger four months ago, is now a big hit between the trend followers.

In fact, the color of Blorange is a little bit like the hair that we have met via Rose Quartz. But, the red and orange tones are much more dominant in the Blorange style than the last year’s trendy hair of Rose Quartz. Blorange may be adapted to every hair style from long to short, from curly to smoothly.

If you are worried about whether this color suits with the color of your skin, do not do it. Your hairdresser will find the right tone by changing the dominance of red and orange colors. If you enjoy the pleasure of this beautiful trendy hair color, we recommend you to try once. When you try once, we are sure you will not give up until a new color becomes trendy.


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