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The big red spot on the planet Jupiter is bigger than the world


National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) recently shared the most detailed photographs of the storm on the planet Jupiter, which is known as the Great Red Spot and whose mystery has been being tried to be solved for about two centuries.

The photos of the Great Red Spot which were taken by the Juno spacecraft show the size and color of the storm. The Big Red Spot is 16,000 kilometers in diameter, and it is larger than the Earth. It is stated that the analysis of the data recorded by the Juno spacecraft will take time, however the researchers hope to find out what caused the storm.

The researcher Scott Bolton said that for hundreds of years scientists have been wondering about Jupiter’s Great Red Spot, and now they have been developing theories about it. He added that they have the best photographs of this time. It has been reported that the Great Red Spot has been observed since 1830 and it is probably older than 350 years.


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