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Side effects of consuming chia seeds


Nutrition and Diet Specialists warn about the use of chia seeds by the hypertensionpatients and by the people using blood thinners because of the side effect of chia seeds reducing the blood pressure and raising the risk of bleeding.

Chia seeds are preferred by the people on diet, because it gives the feeling of saturate. But it has proven that legumes provide the feeling of saturate in a bigger rate than the chia seeds. The control of the quantity is very important in chia seed as well as in every food.

Omega-3 content of Chia is really high andnutritionists accept that it is healthy. But the amount consumed determines the advantages and disadvantages of chia for health. Two cooking spoons of chia are equivalent to two slices of brad’s calories. Namely, if you consume so much chia seeds, you can gain weight instead of being thin.

Because of the fact that it contains Omega-3 in very high level, it has blood-diluent effect. Especiallythe hypertension patients and by the people using blood thinners must be far away from chia seeds. They can put themselves in risky situations while trying to lose weight. Nutritionists also state that chia seeds may cause the loss of water of the body instead of weight.

Nutritionists recommends to the people who want to lose weight that firstly having healthy snack meals which can contain chia seeds, but in fact in a controlled amount. Secondly, they say drinking crucial for removing toxins and metabolic debris from the body. Water accelerates metabolism and increases satiety. The third important point is that if you eat protein in a meal, they recommend you to eat vegetables in other. Consuming thefoods with low sugar is the final advice of the nutritionists.



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