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Samsung Galaxy S8 + Duos put up on sale


Samsung has put the new Galaxy S8 +Duos, which has been expected for a long time, on sale.

The flagship of Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 +, which broke sales records in South Korea, continue to diversify with new models. Coming with Rose Gold and Corel Blue, the Galaxy S8 will now also feature a dual SIM card.

With Samsung‘s official statement, the Galaxy S8 + IN dual SIM card model was confirmed and soon followed by sales. For now, only the dual SIM card option for the Galaxy S8 + is currently available in 3 countries in Europe.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 + Duos, which is offered for sale in the UK, Germany and Holland, is currently sold only through Samsung’s online sales channel. The Galaxy S8 + Duos is priced at £ 779 in the UK and € 899 for the other two countries.

It is stated by the company that the users will be able to use the same SIM card on the Galaxy S8 + Duos. However, one of them is a microSD card slot at the same time. So they will prefer the microSD card, they will have to remove the second SIM card.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 + Duos, which is always available in midnight black and Orchid gray colors, comes to the Netherlands with a special campaign. Dutch citizens can take advantage of the free Samsung Gear VR on the Galaxy S8 + Duos. The phone is expected to be available in other countries in Europe in the near future.


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