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Riga of the Baltics


The capital city of Latvia has become one of the favorite destinations with the historical buildings, endless forests, entertainment centers, and especially with its nightlife. Riga is the biggest city in the Baltic States. Because of its geographical location, it has a harsh climate in Latvia. But if you are lucky you can catch up the most beautiful weather of Riga in the spring.

The House of Blackheads is one of the most known buildings in Riga.  This building is one of the finest examples of medieval architecture. The name of the House of Blackheads comes from the traders’ hair being black. This place, which is used as a museum today, is also known as the place where the Christmas tree is first decorated. For that reason, this place is among the areas where tourists are most interested.

As you walk through the old city square, you encounter with the Dome Cathedral (the Riga Cathedral). It is also the largest cathedral in the Baltics, which was built near the River Daugava in 1211 by Livonian Bishop Albert of Riga. The Cat House is another symbol of the city. According to the legend, a merchant, who was not admitted to the lodge of merchants, built two black cat sculptures on the roof of the building that he built in front of the lodge. He expressed his anger by turning the cat’s butts towards the building of the lodge.

We are surprised when we see the statue of the Musicians of Bremen. Germans had given the statue of the Musicians of Bremen as a gift due to Bremen and Riga’s being sister cities. You must also see the Houses of the Three Brothers which reflect the houses from the Medieval Ages and which offer a visual feast with colorful constructions. The Statue of Liberty is taking place in the center of the city. Three stars in the hand of the female statue on the top of the monument represent three regions of Latvia. The Freedom Monument which is the meeting point of the Riga is the most active area of ​​the city. All these historical beauties have made it possible to take this historic city to the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1997.

Riga has been famous for hosting the white nights. In Riga, it is light until late at nights from May to July.  Riga is visited by a large number of tourists during these months.

If you are in Latvia, you must also see Sigulda. Sigulda, which is 55 kilometers away from Riga, is decorated with forests and lakes of all shades of green. Sigulda is famous for its historical buildings and monuments, and it is under intense interest of local and foreign tourists. There is a big activity park called Tarzan in the city of Sigulda, which hosts especially nature sports. You can visit the Cave of Gutman that takes interests with its high rocks and inscriptions on the rocks.  Turiada Castle is another interesting place in Sigulda. It seems dazzling with its towers extending towards the sky and takes attention with red bricks.

Riga is also famous for its art activities. Various festivals are held throughout the year in the art city Riga. Nightlife in Riga is quite active. There are a lot of entertainment centers. If you visit Riga, do not forget to taste its delicious chocolate named Lamia.


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