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Reverse Syndrome Zero’s sinister side-effects

Since I became a doctor more than 30 years ago…

Cases of chronic fatigue, out-of-control weight gain, and a laundry list of chronic diseases have skyrocketed.

It’s all due to something completely ignored by the mainstream. A condition I’ve named Syndrome Zero.

But there is something I haven’t mentioned about Syndrome Zero yet.

And that is how it accelerates aging…

…taking years off your life…

…and making you look, feel, and perform like a person much, much “older.”

The good news is this is entirely reversible.

You see, Harvard researchers have discovered how to reprogram your body to create an unlimited amount of new, healthy cells (to replace aged, dying, and diseased cells).

A few years ago, this was impossible.

They believed everyone was born with a “set” number of new cells they could make. And after you burned through this preset limit… suffering, disease, and death quickly followed.

This is why Syndrome Zero is so sinister. It accelerates how quickly your body uses cells… and therefore… how quickly you “age.”

But these Harvard researchers discovered how to take off the limiter, so you may never run out of healthy cells.

I’ve used this breakthrough technology at my clinic for almost a decade.

And the results are truly amazing.

Younger hearts, healthy joints, brainpower… more energy, less discomfort, and previously sick patients looking better, feeling better, and performing better than they have in years.

And you can too.

Scroll down to see how…

To Your Good Health,
Al Sears, MD
Al Sears, MD, CNS

Can You Grow Old…

makes the impossible possible.


All animals grow old — it’s an inevitable fact of life. Except that it actually isn’t.

While it’s true that all animals do eventually die, not all of them grow old.

Take Adwaita, for instance. He was a giant tortoise that died at the ripe old age of 256. But he didn’t die because he got old.

He died from liver failure caused by an injury that cracked open his shell. If he had received proper medical care, he probably would have lived even longer.

The amazing thing about Adwaita isn’t even how old he was when he died.

It’s that he never aged.

And he’s not the only one. That’s because turtles don’t age in the way humans do either. While the number of years they’ve been alive may go up, biologically they stay the same.

Unlike us, turtles:

  • Don’t have an increased mortality rate with aging 1
  • Don’t suffer from any diseases related to old age 2
  • Don’t lose their reproductive capacity with age — in fact, females’ capacity actually increases throughout their lifespan 3

How is this possible?

Through a special youth-enhancing mechanism found in their cells. One that remains unchanged throughout the duration of their lives. Studies have even shown that this mechanism is exactly the same size in baby turtles as it is in adult turtles.4

And we have this same exact mechanism in our own cells. But unlike turtles, ours shortens with age — leading to biological aging.

But by controlling this mechanism, you can keep your system young indefinitely. You can maintain the vital body, heart, mind, and physical prowess of your youth.

And thankfully now you can. Because my breakthrough discovery allows you to naturally activate this key youth-enhancing mechanism…

Tiny “Life Lines” in Your Cells are the Key
to Youthful Energy and a Joyful Life!

If you’re a regular reader, you may have already guessed that I’m talking about your telomeres.

Your telomeres are the little caps at the end of your chromosomes. In other words, they protect your DNA from unraveling. And that’s about all they teach you — even in medical school.

But there’s a growing body of exciting research about the true nature of your telomeres.

They control how your cells age. As you get older and your cells divide more and more, your telomeres get shorter. And eventually, when telomeres in a cell get too short, that cell stops working.

These “dormant” cells get in the way of other cells trying to do their jobs. And they’re a big reason aging isn’t such a pleasant process…

Why you feel tired and achy all the time…

Why it’s hard for you to get out of bed in the morning…

And why you feel like your body just isn’t what it used to be.

But here’s the good news.

Research also shows cells with longer telomeres “act” younger than cells with short ones. This means long telomeres are associated with strong, energetic cells. And when all your cells are strong and energetic, you’ll feel that way too.

Now, you may be thinking… If telomere shortening always happens as you age, where is the good news?


I’ve Found a Way to Increase the Length of Your Telomeres — and Your Enjoyment of Life!

You have an enzyme in your body called telomerase. Its entire job is to lengthen your telomeres.

And eight years ago, scientists developed a way to activate telomerase.

As soon as it came out, I tested this telomere technology on myself. Because I never give my patients anything I wouldn’t take myself.

After taking this revolutionary treatment, my cardiopulmonary age came down to 21.5. Which means I have the heart and lungs of a college kid. And I have more energy and endurance than guys in their mid-20s. All while I’m 61!

When I saw those results, I felt the future open up for me — and my patients. Like my life wasn’t going to slow down for a long time. Like a movement had begun — and I was the first member. But I wanted as many people as possible to feel the pure joy I was feeling.

Which is why I immediately went to work to make this discovery available to EVERYONE.

Because here’s the thing. When this revolutionary telomere support technology first hit the market, it was hard to access and very expensive. The price began to fall, but very slowly.

So I conducted my own research. And what I found was a blend of nutrients that can support your telomeres at a fraction of the cost.

Since then, I haven’t stopped perfecting my telomere support formula. Each version has been more powerful and youth-boosting than the last.

A growing number of my patients and readers are already experiencing the transformation that comes with longer telomeres. And the absolute joy that comes with being a member of the “new young.”

People like my patient Andrew. People who haven’t stopped enjoying their lives in their 70s, 80s and beyond.

That’s why I’m writing to you today. I have a special announcement about the newest version of my telomere support formula.

But before I tell you the news, I want to show you…

The FULL Power of Supporting Your Telomeres

In 2010, Harvard researchers conducted a revolutionary experiment.

They started with mice with short telomeres. These mice were predictably old, infertile and frail.

But when the researchers activated the mice’s telomerase, something truly amazing happened.

Within a month…

The old mice began looking and acting like young mice.

Their brains gained healthy function. Their organs were running in tip-top shape. Their fur had a youthful sheen again. They could smell as well as when they were young mice. Once sterile in their old age, they began having sex and reproducing again! 5

That’s the true benefit of anti-aging medicine. Not just living longer — although the mice did live long, full lives. It’s about living longer AND better.

Even though getting older is unavoidable, you don’t have to accept age-related decline. You can join the ranks of the new young with a simple blend of nutrients.

The new young are happy to live longer because their bodies are full of energy and vitality. Living to 100 but stuck in bed just isn’t on their docket.

This is what 72-year-old Andrew said when I started him on this youth-boosting nutrient blend…


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