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Programme for 2017 Malatya International Film Festival Is Announced


Xavier Legrand’s “Custody”, Samuel Maoz’s “Foxtrot”,
Onur Saylak’s “Daha”, First Year of Film Platform, Nacer
Khemir and Hulya Kocyigit Heads the Competition Juries
7th Malatya International Film Festival (MIFF) will be held between 9-16 October
2017 this year and it revealed its 2017 line-up earlier last week.
The line-up consists of significant international films screened and awarded in
big film festivals throughout the world in 2017. “Custody”by Legrand, “Foxtrot”
by Maoz, Loveless (Nelyubov) by Zvyagintsev are among the intriguing films of
the selection. “Daha (More) by Saylak and “Bugday (Grain)” by Kaplanoglu are
among the films in the national competition that already drew attention in
various international festivals. This year, Nacer Khemir, director of the beautiful
road film “Bab'aziz” will head the competition jury of the international feature
film competition. The national feature film competition’s jury on the other hand
will be headed by Hulya Kocyigit, a prominant, awarded, veteran actress in
Turkish cinema.

The Line-Up
Alongside new and distinguished examples of the art of cinema, the programme
is prepared with films that can be widely acclaimed, with some classics
particularly from the cinema of Turkey.
The line-up consists of some international films screened and appreciated in big
film festivals throughout the world in 2017. The selected films focus on family
relations which has been an issue examined all around the world lately. We’ll
see some family dramas that are multilayered in their stories like conflicting
with the conventional, social criticism and economic crisis by means of human

relations. Andrey Zvyagintsev’s last film “Loveless (Nelyubov”) which will be
screened in the “Tribute” section for the director, tells the story of a seperated
mother and father brought together after their child goes missing.
“Happy End”, another dysfunctional family themed film of Michel Haneke, a
black comedy starring Isabelle Huppert, Jean-Louis Trintignant, Toby Jones and
Fantine Harduin is one of the astounding films of the panorama section.
Aki Kaurismaki's “The Other Side of Hope”, almost humorous story of a Syrian
refugee who escapes to Finland will also be screened in the variety of this year’s
line up. “The Square”, a co-production by Ruben Östlund, lead roles by Claes
Bang, Elisabeth Moss and Dominic West telling the story of a moral dilemma of
a curator which strikes after a bizarre incident, while focusing on the social class
background of the modern Scandinavian life; “Custody”, a 2017 French drama
film directed by Xavier Legrand, lead roles by Denis Ménochet and Léa Drucker,
focusing on a broken marriage and a custody battle with a young son at the
center; “Foxtrot”, an Israeli drama film directed by Samuel Maoz, lead roles by
Sarah Adler and Lior Ashkenazi, about a troubled couple learning their son had
died in military service; “The House By the Sea”, a French drama film by Robert
Guédiguian telling the story of three grown children meeting after a long time
at the house of their dying father, lead roles by Gérard Meylan, Jean-Pierre
Darroussin and Anaïs Demoustier; are some striking films in this year’s line-up
that has been screened, competed or awarded in the 74th Venice International
Film Festival already.
Another surprise is a screening of a restored copy of Tunisian director Nacer
Khemir’s first film “Wanderers of the Desert ( El Haimoune,1984)”

International Feature Film Competition
Nacer Khemir, director of “Bab'Aziz” heads the competition jury, consisting of
Fatemeh Motamed- Arya, Iran's internationally acclaimed actress, Intishal Al
Timimi, director of El Gouna Film Festival, Edvinas Puksta, Senior Programmer
of Vilnius Film Festival and Prof. Dr. Secil Buker, a leading film author from
Turkey .
Iranian feature “Blockage” by Mohsen Gharaei, awarded by the 22nd Busan
International Film Festival, San Sebastian Film Festival FIPRESCI Award winner
“Life and Nothing More”, by Antonio Méndez Esparza, telling the story of an
African-American family living in the USA that has ethnic and disperity
problems, Gilles Coulier's “Cargo”, telling how an Ostend fishing family has
come to the edge of destruction by some series of dramatic events, and Tribeca
Best International Feature Film award winner “Son of Sofia” by Elina Psikou,
telling the story of an 11 year old boy’s entering the “adult world” losing his
father, starting to live with his mother he doesn’t know and meeting a new
father, are among the Crystal Apricot nominees this year. Another remarkable
competing film is “Pomegranate Orchard (Nar Bagi)” by Ilgar Najaf, a loose

adaptation of “The Cherry Orchard” by Anton Chekhov which has been selected
as the Oscar nominee of Azerbaijan and won the Young Cinema Award from
Asia Pacific Screen Awards (APSA).
“Centaur”, by Aktan Arym Kubat, one of the competing films this year in the
festival is a film that maintains the tradition of Kirghiz Cinema. It’s a story
inspired by a myth of horses becoming the wings of men. A man lives a modest
life with his family in Kyrgyzstan until he becomes the center of attention when
he steals a racehorse and gets caught.

National Feature Film Competition
Veteran actress Hulya Kocyigit, the most awarded actress of the cinema of
Turkey, who started her career with “Susuz Yaz (Dry Summer, 1963)” by Metin
Erksan, the film that was awarded by Venice Film Festival, will head the National
Feature Film Competition Jury of the 7th Malatya International Film Festival this
The Jury consists of Ebru Ceylan, photographer and the co-scriptwriter of the
2014 Cannes Film Festival Palme D'Or winner "Winter Sleep", Taner Birsel the
awarded actor mostly known from the awarded films of Nuri Bilge Ceylan,
cinematographer Hayk Kirakosyan and director Selim Evci.
The most prominent examples of the cinema of Turkey this year may be found
in the selection of the 7th Malatya International Film Festival.
Among the 12 nominees, “Daha (More)” by Onur Saylak, screened in
competition at the Karlovy Vary Film Festival this summer,chosen for the Flash
Forward section of this year’s Busan International Film Festival, an adaptation
from a Turkish novel by the same name by Hakan Gunday which was one of the
first novels to document the refugee crisis in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East;
“Bugday (Grain, 2017)” by Golden Bear awarded director Semih Kaplanoğlu,
which made its world premiere in 23rd Sarajevo Film Festival this year; Mavi
“Sessizlik (Blue Silence)“ Bulent Ozturk’s film which is a co-production of
Turkey and Belgium and has won 4 awards from Istanbul Film Festival already
are some striking films from the competition.
“Eksi Bir (Minus One)” , awarded director Orhan Oğuz’s 30th film is also one of
the competing films of National Competition. Having a strong cast, leading
Nilüfer Açıkalın, Metin Belgin, Ercan Kesal, Serkan Ercan, the film tells the story

of a homeless guy found by three municipal police officers trying to remove him
from the center of the city. The quartet spends a chaotic night, and homeless
guy’s fate has a surprise ending.
“İşe Yarar Bir Şey (Something Useful)” by Pelin Esmer, whose films has been
premiered and got awarded in important festivals like San Sebastian, Tribeca,
Toronto and Rotterdam, is a tale of a journey of two women towards a man
who asks them to kill him.
“Kırık Kalpler Bankası (The Bank of Broken Hearts)” is the tragic story of three
friends chasing an unlikely dream, running towards their sad end in a
Shakespearean manner. Mostly known by his work Polis (Police, 2006), which
was screened in numerous international festivals including Moscow Film
Festival, auteur director Onur Unlu shot 5 new films only this year, one of which
is competing in the festival as mentioned above.
“Murtaza”, being the first feature film of the young director Ozgur Sevimli, tells
the story of Sabure and Murtaza living in Malatya, faraway from their children in
Istanbul. Their daughter dies but Murtaza hides it from his wife until it becomes
a matter of conscience. Having a beautiful cast, starring Cezmi Baskın and Meral
Çetinkaya, the film’s mystical scenario is also written by Ozgur Sevimli.
“Sarı Sıcak (Yellow Heat)”, being the first feature film of the director Fikret
Reyhan got the best director award at the 39th Moscow International Film
Festival this year. The film tells the story of an immigrant family in debt and
struggling to survive through traditional farming, in a sector squeezed by
accelerating industrialization.
“Sessizliğin Kardeşleri (Brother of Silence)”, Taylan Mintaş’s first feature film
after his documentary about Kars, again is a story of Kars and the lives of
handicapped people in this stunningly beautiful land, in this breathtaking
panoramas of North East Turkey.
“Sofra Sırları (Serial Cook)”, awarded director Umit Unal’s 8th feature film
starring Demet Evgar and Fatih Al, is a black comedy focusing on a standard
housewife wanting to make her delicious meals in a TV show and everything
falls apart when she’s accused of being a murderer.
“Tas (Rock)” by Orhan Eskikoy, director of rewarded and supported films İki Dil
Bir Bavul and Babamin Sesi, is a film that represents he life of a family living a
hard life in the countryside. It is telling the sadness in the life of people living in
nature, waiting for a lost son. After many years, the family tries to get rid of the
uncertainty by believing that the wounded man they found at the door is their
“Yüzleşme (Confrontation)”, Nejla Demirci’s first feature film after her first
award winning documentary "Gündöndü" (Sunflower); through the lenses of

Ebru, focuses on the psycho social aspects of breast cancer, dominated by body
images, fear of loss and changing relationships around her.
“Zer” is the story of Jan who is in pursuit of the song his grandmother sang him
once, which holds her past and identity. Film has a beautiful cast; Nik Xhelilaj,
Güler Ökten, Levent Özdilek, Füsun Demirel, Tomris İncer, Haleigh Ciel, Teresa
Anne Volgenau, and shot by Kazım Öz who is an awarded Kurdish director,
scriptwriter and producer.
The 60 Years of Friendship
Since year 2017 is being celebrated as the 60th anniversary of the establishment
of diplomatic relationship between Republic of Turkey and Korea, a special part
is added in the programme which will involve new examples of the distinguished
cinema of South Korea. Director Hong Sang Soo’s films will be shown, Jeong-
hyang Lee, a woman director from Korea will be our guest, awards will be given
to distinguished producers and there will also be some seminars about Korean
Andrey Zvyagintsev’s Films to be Screened at MIFF
Modern Russian cinema’s acclaimed director Andrey Zvyagintsev’s award-
winning films and his latest film “Loveless” which won the Jury Award at the
2017 Cannes Film Festival will be screened at the 7th Malatya International Film
Festival in the Tribute section.
His films “The Return”, “The Banishment”, “Elena”, “Leviathan” and “Loveless”
will be screened this year in MIFF.
Festival Honour Awards
This year, some awards will be given to distinguished names on the
opening night of the festival.
Kim Dong Ho, founder and honorary director of Busan International
Film Festival will be honoured by Life Time Achievement Award.
Russian filmmaker Andrey Zvyagintsev directing sophisticated films
almost like literature, mostly about Russia’s circumstances, well
known director Nacer Khemir, heading the international competition
jury this year, actor Halil Ergun who acted in important films such as

"Maden" (1978), "Kirlangic Firtinasi" (1985), Mika Kaurismäki's film
“Zombie and the Ghost Train (1991)”, singer and voice actress Belkis
Ozener who was the voice of Hulya Kocyigit for a long time in her
films and director/producer Mesut Ucakan will be having their
honour awards from MIFF.

Malatya Film Platform
One of the innovations in the festival this year is Malatya Film Platform. The
platform not only awards ambitious films from Turkey financially but also it aims
to give educational support, arrange productional cooperations, creating
workshops, gatherings, seminars from names such as Fabienne de Aguado, one
of the founders of Centre for Cinematographic Scripts (CÉCI) who is also a
teacher in Torino Film Lab, John Morrissey, the producer of American History X,
awarded director Erdem Tepegoz and producer Etienne de Ricaud who founded
Caractères Productions. 12 projects are chosen to be competing for 2 different

International Feature Film Competition List
The Blockage / Mohsen GHARAEI
Centaur / Aktan Abdykalykov
Pomegranate Orchard / Ilgar Najaf
Pela Janela / Caroline Leone
Dede / Mariam Khatchvani
Cargo / Gilles Coulier
Son Of Sofia / Elina Psikou
Buğday / Semih Kaplanoğlu
Mavi Sessizlik / Bülent Öztürk
Daha / Onur Saylak
Madari / Roqiye Tavakoli
Life and Nothing More / Antonio Méndez Esparza
International Short Film Competition List
Sirayet / Nuri Cihan Özdoğan
Hofre Moshtarak / Asma Ebrahimzadegan
Ses / Darioush Najafi Gol (Arturan)
Misappropriation / Ana Maria Ferri

Night guest / Ziregul Kubandıkkızı
Nest / Ünal Altunyaymak
Summer time with my mother / Diana Lu
Arin / Mizgin Müjde Arslan
Odnogo razu v Odesi / Vladek Zankovsky
Verge / Selman Naca

National Feature Film Competition List
BUĞDAY / Semih Kaplanoğlu
DAHA / Onur Saylak
EKSİ BİR / Orhan Oğuz
MURTAZA / Özgür Sevimli
SARI SICAK / Fikret Reyhan
TAŞ / Orhan Eskiköy
YÜZLEŞME / Nejla Demirci
ZER / Kazım Öz

National Short Film Competition List
Sirayet / Nuri Cihan Özdoğan
Uzaktaki Yakınlar / Durmuş Soykut
Kot Farkı / Ayris Alptekin
Almadovar Teorisi / Halit Eke
Kuyu / Rıdvan Yavuz
Penaber /Ramazan Kılıç
Toprak / Onur Yağız
Av Dönüşü / Recep Çavdar
Kurban / Muzaffer Mehmet Çağlar
Vadi / Can Erkan
Kötü Kız / Ayçe Kartal
Bir İş Görüşmesi Hikayesi / Alkım Özmen



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