Home Technology PlayStation 5 will have a private graphics unit

PlayStation 5 will have a private graphics unit

PlayStation 5 will have a private graphics unit
PlayStation 5 will have a private graphics unit

The consoles are now in a hardware race. After the Project Scorpio console of Microsoft, Sony is also leaning to develop its strengths to produce a better console.

The console world has been moving a lot more than it has been in recent years. The idea of ​​leasing a new console in every 5-6 years is no longer tangible. It seems that from now on we will witness the consoles being renewed more frequently.

The other thing that changed about the consoles is the hardware side. Console world had a revolution with Revolution Full HD game, 4K game, thus the new consoles should adapt to this. Microsoft is preparing a new console called Project Scorpio for the best gaming experience. On the other hand Sony is preparing to produce the most powerful navy sibling senses for its newest console. According to information from sources close to the company, Sony is preparing a much stronger PlayStation console. The most important development for the console, which is supposed to be PlayStation 5, will be on the side of the graphics unit. Sources indicate that the console will have a separate graphics card. Until today, we were seeing the APU cards that have a processor and a graphics unit together in the consoles. The performance has been limited because it used the same resources no matter how strong it was. The separation of the graphics card and its own memory, as it is on the same computers, will of course make a significant difference in terms of performance. However, heating and energy issues will also require a separate working area.

It has been already known that Sony intends to release a more powerful console. The Project Scorpio’s being more of a force ahead of it, and it’s taking all the attention has irritated Sony. From this point of view, it will no longer be a surprise for the console world to focus on independent graphics solutions. We might even think that Microsoft will switch to independent graphics cards in the next console. It is estimated that the PS 5 console will be on the market as early as 2019. So again an average of 3 years will be a break. The first announcement will probably be made at the E3 2019 fair, and the sale will begin later.


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