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Pinterest, far away from being a social network


Pinterest is trying to get away from the concept of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter with its final advertising campaign in America. Pinterest is a web and mobile application company which is based on photo and idea sharing.  The site was founded by Ben Silberman, Paul Sciarra and Evan Sharp in 2009. For the founders of Pinterest is a catalog of ideas rather than a social network.

Pinterest succeeded to reach more 150 million users without making his own advertisement in the US before. In a statement of the company’s CEO, Ben Silbermann, given to the Bloomberg that it was declared that in the summer of 2017, they is going to publish a commercial advertisement campaign in the US which will focus on what Pinterest is not.  According to the Pinterest, it is not a social network like Facebook and Twitter.

Ben Silbermann also stated that the biggest challenge will be trying to explain to users that Pinterest is not a social network. According to him Pinterest is far away from being a social network. It is a platform where “ideas for real life” from holiday ideas to fashion tips can be found. The details of the advertising campaign have not released yet, but one thing certain is that the slogan will be “designing the lifestyle“. Moreover, the advertisement of Pinterest will try to stay away from the concept of Facebook and Twitter as soon as possible.

In fact, social media will be required for ads to be broadcasted. Silberman knows that Pinterest is relatively small comparing to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram; and he is aware of the fact that they need to fast to and to be up to date in order to survive.


The multi-photo function Facebook has recently added to Instagram can be seen as a direct attack on Pinterest. It is inevitable for the company to remain indifferent in this regard and to respond with a new advertising campaign.


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