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Photos showing the final design of Tesla Model 3 was released


Tesla’s affordable electric car which will be produced for the mass market was seen on a supercharger station in San Mateo. Tesla Model 3’s new photos was released by the user of  youyouxue named RedYdit, who saw Tesla Model 3 in the supercharger station in San Mateo and took photos. Unlike the previous ones, the new photos have revealed a few important details about the charging screen and the vehicle of the Model 3. The Tesla engineer who used the test vehicle told that he did not feel uncomfortable with the pictures taken and took the vehicle to the house at night.

With this close-up photos, which are the most detailed photographs until now, the full autopilot equipment of Model 3 and the camera on the front are seen. The Tesla sight system is similar to the existing system in Model S and X but with a new rain sensor attached. Previously the Tesla Model S and Model X also had rain sensors, but the Autopilot 2 was missing.

These photos are the first photographs showing the Model 3‘s seats and ceiling. We can say that the whole ceiling is made of glass and it is normally colored a little darker. The thickness of the central ceiling panel, which gives a more subtle impression than the Models S and Model X, is one of the remarkable details.

It is seen that nothing related to the simple steering design of the Model 3 has changed. There is no screen in front of the steering wheel. There was no center console in the car when the Model S was launched into the market first. Thus, the front two seats were completely empty. In 2015, Tesla has made the center console standard equipment for the Model S. By contrast, we can say that the center console area in Model 3 is a well thought-out detail.

Model 3’s sporty gray / black aerodynamic wheels are also showed. In fact, the Tesla Model S had a choice of aerodynamic rims, but Tesla did not offer these wheels for a long time. This photo also shows the camera and turn signal on the side of the car. It is the same or very similar to the unit in Model S / X.

Although the location of the charging point of the Model 3 has been known for several months, this photograph shows Tesla’s new charging indicator. Unlike the flashing indicator ring of the Model S / X, the Model 3 has a bright Tesla logo just to the left of the port. Tesla Model 3 is expected to be officially introduced next month. Approximately 300 thousand orders will be delivered to the owners in 2018.


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