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Petroleum products increase the risk of cancer


It is known for a long time that the substances produced from petroleum derivatives cause cancer. Researchers of the Cambridge University in England found that these materials also destroyed the immune and repair system of the body. According to researchers of the Cambridge University, many substances caused due to petroleum products, such as exhaust gases, cigarette smoke, construction materials, and cosmetic products, disrupt the DNA structure of the humans.

The products in which the petroleum derivatives are used disrupt repair and immune system of the body and genetic makeup. This claim belongs to the Cambridge University researchers in England.

Scientists say that aldehydes which are used in cosmetics and building materials and also found in the cigarette smoke and exhaust gases, in high amounts destroys the nature of the human body.

It has been also reported that these petroleum substances, which cause the DNA copying mechanism in the human body to be interrupted, harm the BRCA2 gene that destroys tumors. Researchers of the Cambridge University say this condition triggers cancer in some people.

It is also stated that formaldehyde used in many cosmetic products such as shampoo is included in the list of carcinogenic materials. Some scientists have emphasized that a person must have a disorder in the BRCA2 genes in order for these substances to trigger cancer. All the theories to one side researchers studying on the reasons and risks of the cancer agree that people are increasingly exposed to carcinogens.


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