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Paiva Road: the wonderful harmony of nature and design


8 kilometer-long Paiva Walking Road in Arouca region of Portugal, fascinates the visitors with its. The route which offers an inevitable opportunity for the visiters who want to observe the unique nature of Portugal gives the visitors a chance to roam without harming nature.

The Paiva Walking Road that surrounds the Paiva River in the south east of Portugal shows a unique view of Portugal. Trimetrica, which is an engineering company based in Lisbon, designed a pedestrian path which would allow the visitors to roam the rivers, forests, hills, beaches and waterfalls in a matter of two and a half hours. This designed route offers an enjoyable route of 8 km for those who want to closely observe the unique nature of Portugal. The purpose of the construction, that was started in 2005 and that is now open to use, is to show that it is possible for people to live in nature without harming nature.

The Paiva Walking Road in 2015 was open for use, but it had to be shut down because of the forest fire, and then repaired. With the reopening in February 2016, architectural photographer Garrido went to photograph the construction process where no architects were involved.

Garrido, who took the photos of the hiking trail from the bird’s eye view, says about the way that much more than a simple walk in contact with nature, it is a unique experience characterized by an extremely exciting view. The breathtaking natural scenery with the spiral staircase, cliffs, vast vegetation, wooden bridge hanging over the river, which continues to the beginning of the hill, is an unusual experience.

The 328 km geo-park located in Portogal’s Arouca mountain is a protected area with a geological reserve, which is also recognized and protected by UNESCO.


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