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Obama ordered a cyber-attack on Russia


According to the allegation of Washington Post, former US president Barack Obama ordered a cyber-attack on the Russia’s intelligence units. It was claimed that Barack Obama begun preparing for a cyber war against Russia, citing Russia’s involvement in cyber-terrorism in the US elections. Obama implemented some privacy protocols, which the US has not implemented for many years and which were last used in the raid of Usama bin Laden, in August of last year, learning that Russia will be at the cyber-attacks that will affect US elections.

According to an allegation based on a description of a former US bureaucrat, The CIA, NSA and other intelligence agencies of the country gathered together to take decisions about the cyber- attacks on Russia. At these meetings, a decision was made to launch a cyber operation against Russia in the case of increased tension between the two countries with various means to be placed in Russian networks and remotely triggered, or in case of Russia’s attack on a cybercrime.

After Donald Trump won the presidential election on November 8th, there was a shock at the White House and hacking investigations were suspended until December. Searches started in December, and Obama want to investigate all the cyber attacks that Russia has carried out against the US until 2008. The first sanction related to the process of verdicting was the deportation of 35 Russian intelligence officers who worked in the United States on December 29, and the NSA, the CIA and the US Cypriot Command were given the authority to make cyber operations. According to the Washington Post allegation, remotely triggered chimney vehicles designed by the NSA were deployed in Russian networks.

When Donald Trump took the presidential seat on January 20th, the operation of the Cyber ​​Operations of Obama and the intelligence units was aborted. However, it is not known what the fate of the vehicles placed in the Russian networks for cyber attack.


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