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Nokia and Xiaomi are ready to combine their forces


There is a high competition in the smartphone sector as it is in the other sectors. In the last few years, competition has become even more vulnerable after the Chinese smartphone producers decided to take part in the European smartphone market. Therefore, in such a competitive environment, it is not often to see that two big producers are going to cooperate. However, according to a China-based statement, Xiaomi and Nokia have taken their first steps towards a gigantic collaboration.

According to the statements, the cooperation between Xiaomi and Nokia will be organized according to the interests of the two companies. As it is known, Xiaomi started to open in new European market. Xiaomi, which is the 4th largest phone seller in China, is at the top rank in India. With the help of Nokia, the Chinese producer wants to take a share from the European smartphone market.

On the other hand, it is said that Nokia wants to take advantage of the IoT department of Xiaomi. As it is known, Mi ecosystem of Xiaomi is connected to a total of 60 million devices, 8 million of which are active daily.

The collaboration between Xiaomi and Nokia will likely result in a positive outcome for both companies. Especially for Xiaomi it is very important to make a partnership with a company like Nokia in order to be take part in the European market.


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