Home Health New period in radiation oncology: TrueBeam

New period in radiation oncology: TrueBeam

New period in radiation oncology: TrueBeam
New period in radiation oncology: TrueBeam

While cancer has increased all over the world in recent years, the success rate in the treatment of cancer is increasing compared to the previous years. Depending on the developments in medical technology, cancer patients are experiencing important improvements in the treatment of radiotherapy. TrueBeam is one of the latest innovations in radiotherapy practice.

TrueBeam can be used in the treatment of all cancer types requiring radiotherapy. With this therapy tumors below 0,5 mm can be beamed accurately and precisely in a short time. TrueBeam is especially preferred for the treatment of tumors adjacent to the brain and the organs with small volume. TrueBeam, which shortens the duration of radiotherapy with a rapid irradiation system, also prevents damage to intact tissues during irradiation.

TrueBeam STx offers easy application in the radiotherapy of tumors in organs such as lungs, liver, and breast which require respiratory tracking. By the help of the high picture quality, it is possible to give more accurate position and beam to the right place.

TrueBeam has all the advanced radiotherapy techniques used in cancer treatment like IMRT, IGRT, Gated RT, RapidArc, SRS, SBRT. Tumors under 0.5 mm in size can be accurately and precisely irradiated in a short time with this new technique. Healthy tissues receive fewer rays because the beam focuses on the center of the target. The mechanical system of TrueBeam is moving fast, so it shortens the treatment time eight times.Rapid irradiation of the beam shortens the irradiation time. The additional radiation rate of the imaging systems given to the patient is 25 percent lower.

With the Truebeam method, all intracranial and ectracranial treatment areas can be treated. Some of the diseases that can be treated with this method are acoustic neurinoma, AVM, brain metastases, cavernoma, gliomas, craniopharyngioma, liver tumors, lung tumors, meningioma, pediatric brain tumors, pituitary adenomas, prostate cancer, spinal tumor, trigeminal neuralgia, adrenal metastases and pancreatic tumors.


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