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Most beautiful architectural structures of the world


There are some architectural structures in the world which were constructed with special and qualified materials, which had leading styles of their times, which have succeeded to be protected from the damaging effects of the time and which have been the symbols of the region they stand for years. Here are 6 of these amazing structures.

1- Angkor-Wat, one of the most mysterious and mystical constructions in the world, is the most important example of the magnificence and richness of the Khmer Kingdom in the 12th century. Built by the King Suryavarman in the name of Hindu God Vishnu, the temple was hidden in the Cambodian forests and awaited to be discovered for a long time. The temple, which stands on a huge area, is the largest religious building in the world.

2- Mehrangarh Castle, which has an interesting story, was built in India in 1459. The king of the time, King Jodha, was cursed by a holy person because he was dispossessed from his house. The holy person told the king that the curse will end if a warrior sacrifices himself for the fake of the kingdom.

King Jodha believed that and a warrior named Rajaram Meghwal agreed to be sacrificed in return of his family to be cared. He was buried alive on this hill. This ceaseless man’s memorial is also placed inside the temple.

3- Hagia Sophia, which is the symbol of Istanbul and rising at the point where the east and the west join together, was founded by Emperor I. Justinian. It was built between ad 532 and ad 537 on the historical peninsula of Istanbul.

After the capture of Istanbul by the Ottomans in 1453, Fatih Sultan Mehmed transformed Hagia Sophia into a mosque. The religious adventure of this magnificent building ends in 1935 and it started to be used as a museum. Although it continues to work for the reopening of worship services, it continues to be the most important destination of daily touristic tours of Istanbul.

4- Taj Mahal, a monument of love and passion in the world, was built in the 17th century by Shah Cihan for his great love Mumtaz Mahal.

Giant monument with its white marbles, silhouette and stone workmanship, is one of the most important symbols of India.

5- Sagrada Familia, which must be seen as a depiction of Jesus’ life by an architectural dean rather than a religious structure, was designed by Gaudi.

Unfortunately, the construction of the building was not completed because of the death of Gaudi after completing the first episode of the building. The construction of Sagrada Familia is still continuing 100 years after the start. It is planned that the last additions of the most photographed architectural structure of Barcelona and the world will be completed in 2026.

6- San Marco Basilica: The tomb of San Marco, one of the authors of the Four Bibles, was demanded to be brought to Venice from Alexandria at the beginning of the 9th century.  A group of intense struggles, made up of clergymen and wealthy merchants, succeeded to escape just some of the goods which are thought to belong to him. The construction of the San Marco Basil began in memory of San Marco in 832 and construction finished in 882. However, it was damaged by fire and other factors many times. In 1073, the basilica got its present look.


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