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Model F keyboards of IBM are coming back


A keyboard enthusiast entrepreneur is planning to bring back Model F keyboards of IBM. IBM‘s iconic Model F keyboard is coming back. Model F keyboard, which appeared in 1981, was the first keyboard to have a mechanical key with a bending spring. It is even said that most modern mechanical keyboards are built on this mechanism.

Joe Strandberg named entrepreneur, owning the long-standing rights of Model F, is also getting pre-orders for his new Model F Keyboards Project. Joe Strandberg says many people think it is the best keyboard mechanism to write a bending spring system. Unfortunately, it is difficult to find a keyboard with this system today.

These springs give a very sensual response when printed. This reaction is similar to Cherry’s MX Blue and MX Green keys, however springs bend a little instead of jamming vertically. It is also worth noting that Cherry MX keypads are also very popular on the market, and that many producers are beginning to produce their own Cherry MX clones.

The aim of this project is to offer four different keyboard models. The two F77 derivatives have numeric keys on the arrow keys. The F62 models feature 60% system. The keyboards have a heavier layout than the original Model Fs; however they continue to protect the large, fully metal construction.

The basic layout of each model starts with a price of $ 325 and can increase up to $ 399 if you want to take a personalized keyboard. Pre-orders of renewed keyboards models of Joe Strandberg will continue until July 31, 2017. Although the production of the first keyboard series has begun, a distribution date is not specified yet.


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