Home Health Mobile phone and tablet causing waist and neck soreness!

Mobile phone and tablet causing waist and neck soreness!


Waist and neck soreness have been among the most common seen diseases tdue to the stressful working conditions and inactivity. Staying in the same position for a long time and using a computer, tablet or phone for a long time are the main reasons of back and neck pain.

Unfortunately, technology had brought inactivity to our lives as the technological devices facilitate our lives. Physical activity should be increased in spite of the pain caused by the physical stagnation brought by the technology. Physical activity protects the joints and prevents the increase in weight at the same time. Physiotherapists recommend routine physical activity in order to decrease such pains.

Researches show that there has been an increase in the waist and neck pains in parallel with the widespread use of devices such as telephones, tablets and computers. As it is stated by most of physiotherapists, staying in the same position for a long time, using a computer, cell phones, tablets for a long time without changing the position, waist and neck aches occur.With the spread of technology, using electronic devices such as telephone, tablet, computer, etc., cause our neck to stand downward in the vast majority of days. As a result, it brings back a bad sitting posture. This has become an important problem in the world. And, in order to prevent waist and neck diseases due to use of mobile phones, tablets and computers, most of the health specialists and governments in some countries start to organize activities on physical exercises.


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