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Middle East has high expectation from tourism


Due to the ongoing crisis environment in the world, especially in Middle East Region, tourism industry has been affected deeply. Expectations and needs of the Egyptian tourism sector has a bit realized this year.  Foreign tourists showed great interest in the holiday resorts of Egypt on this year’s Easter holiday. However, Egypt is far from the pre-crisis period of 2010, when 14 million tourists visited. There were just 5.5 million tourists who preferred to travel to Egypt in 2016.

According to the tourism agencies in Egypt one of the biggest challenges Egypt has faced in recent years is the image of the country. They accept that they required correcting the previous mistakes and presenting the right image of the country. Of course, worldwide ongoing crisis environment also needs to end.

Despite the decline of the number of the tourists visiting Middle East region in recent years, the World Tourism Organization estimates an increase in the number of tourists preferring this region. The World Tourism Organization predicts that the number of tourists visiting North Africa and the Middle East will reach about 200 million by 2030. There will be a rise in the employment rates working in the tourism sector as a result.  It is estimated that the tourism sector will generate between 25 and 50 million jobs in these regions.

The Middle Eastern countries are trying to find different methods to attract the attention of the foreign tourists. For instance, Oman has divided tourism into different segments such as family tourism, culture tourism and adventure. Oman also brought e-visa applications for Iran, Russian, Chinese and Indian tourists. It wants to attract more tourists from these countries by facilitating procedures.

The United Arab Emirates also launched visa-issuing applications at the airport for Russian and Chinese tourists. The United Arab Emirates targeted having 20 million tourists visiting the Emirates in 2020.  In order to realize this aim, they are also working on many infrastructure constructions like amusement parks, hotels, roads, transportation and communication networks within important. They are planning to increase the rate of the tourism sector in the gross domestic product from 9 percent to 11 percent until 2026.



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