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Metallic tones and sports clothes are meeting this season!


The metallic colors dominating the street style in the last few seasons are meeting with sportswear this season. The metallic tınes seem to have dominated the streets for a few seasons. The colors such as dore and lame, which can be worn both during the day and at nights, are took some metallic effect in pastel tones and come out with different color tones.

Everyday piece of jackets, coats, skirts, pants and shoes are amongst the pieces you can freely use every ton of metallic colors. Sport clothes are the last ring which the metallic charm has affected.

Metallic effect on sportswear is becoming popular day by day. In sports halls, it is possible to find many different kinds of sports outfits from shoes to hoodies and sweatshirts with heavy metallic tones. In short tights, the metallic shades are also frequently used.

Metallic tones succeeded to be one of the indispensable colors for a modern style. If you want to have a quitter appearance, you can also use metallic colors in small pieces of your clothes. For a more relaxed combination, you may prefer to use metallic tones in a single piece instead of all of your wear.

You can easily apply this trend after sports style by using metallic colors in sports jackets and sports hats. Using metallic tones in main tones such as black or white is also a good option to compensate for the brilliant effect of metallic colors. Combining the metallic parts with even less ambitious colors can help you to create a more sophisticated and modern style.

In order to turn the raincoats and coats a style-loving combination, metallic shades can be implied. Ypu can have an attractive look with these types of parts you can find in the sportswear brands’ collections.



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