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MD Reveals Why Vision Supplements Leave Millions of Americans in the Dark


If you’re suffering from:

poor night vision
difficulty seeing fine print
blurry eyesight
trouble focusing

…you may have tried natural vision supplements which are selling like crazy.

BUT BE WARNED: Most vision pills are disappointing, standard
“off the shelf” brands with little or no research behind them.

Medical science has now verified a “young eyes” breakthrough formula based on the most rigorous testing to…

  • Significantly improve your eyesight with a 97% success rate. – American Journal of Public Health
  • Lower your risk of age-related vision loss by 75%. – Harvard Medical School
  • Sharpen your eyesight at night or in glare. Journal of Ocular Pharmacology and Therapeutics

The good news?  From day one, you can enjoy clearer, crisper vision and save your independence with my “young eyes” vision breakthrough.

“Young Eyes” in a Pill

Can you really enjoy clearer, sharper vision from day one
without stronger glasses or surgery?

Stunning new advances in natural medicine
now make it possible for you to rebuild, retool
and rejuvenate YOUR VISION, NOW!

SHOCKING SURVEY: “A Johns Hopkins University survey reveals most American regard LOSS OF VISION as the worst ailment that could happen to them, worse than loss of limb, memory, hearing, speech or having HIV/AIDS.


If you’re struggling with your vision, you may feel like you’re stuck.

Poor night vision… fuzzy focusing… blurry fine print… or floaters and spots follow you around like a dark cloud.

I know. Many of my patients are concerned about the same problems.

They tell me they worry about driving at night… or worse, losing their license by failing the DMV vision test. They’re frustrated by needing stronger and stronger glasses year after year. And they hate the thought of becoming dependent on others due to failing eyesight.

So I decided to do something about it — something to help them (and you) get out of “vision prison”… halt weakening eyesight… reduce, even eliminate, these problems… and restore clear vision and healthy eyes.

It starts by knowing the TRUTH about aging eyes
and poor eyesight

Faltering eyesight
is downright frightening…

The National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion warns…

  • The prevalence of blindness and vision impairment increases rapidly with age, particularly among those older than 75 years old.
  • Cases of early age-related macular degeneration are expected to double by 2050.
  • Cases of diabetic retinopathy are expected to quadruple by 2050.
  • National studies indicate that vision loss is associated with higher prevalence of chronic health conditions, deaths, falls and injuries, depression and social isolation.
  • Vision loss compromises your quality of life because it reduces your capacity to read, drive a car, watch TV or keep personal accounts.

How important is your vision?

If you’re like most people I know, it’s VERY important.

The New York Times polled people and asked them, “What the worst thing that can happen to you?” The No. 1 answer: Going blind!

And The Journal of the American Medical Association Ophthalmology asked people how vision loss would affect them most.

Their answers:
1. Poorer quality of life and
2. Loss of independence.

Poor vision, failing eyesight and vision loss are scary outcomes, no doubt.

But you need to know:

Aging eyes and vision problems are NOT life sentences!

New advances in natural medicine now make it possible for you to rebuild, retool and rejuvenate key parts of your eyes, like your macula and retinas, for better vision NOW.

More important, I’m excited to tell you that the best of these vision breakthroughs are now available to you.

Introducing NutraVision: “Targeted nutrients” scientifically proven to give you clearer,
sharper vision from day one!

As you’re about to learn, NutraVision is a totally unique and special vision supplement unlike any other in the world of natural medicine.

I call it my “young eyes” breakthrough because it will make your eyes feel reborn starting from day one!

Even better, its unique, targeted nutrients are backed by mountains of scientific research and clinical studies, promising to give you…

Better night vision
Drive with confidence at night, in haze, in glare
Superior vision protection
Slash your risk of vision loss by 75%
Improved focus
Great for watching TV, using the computer, reading
Healthier eyes
Enhance blood flow and circulation for “youthful” vision
Peace of mind
No more worries of losing your vision or independence

Already, my patients taking NutraVision are getting GREAT results.

In fact, about 7 out of 10 of them who are taking NutraVision tell me that they’ve experienced what they call “dramatic” results.

Sound good?

Then let’s get started with a remarkable nutritional discovery that can give you great night vision…

How will your vision be a year from now?
In 10 years? 20?

Will you suffer from poor night vision… blurry eyesight… trouble focusing… and failing eyesight — and become dependent on others for daily living.

Or will you have clear, sharp, youthful-like vision — and enjoy your self-reliance and independence for years to come?

One simple thing will make all the difference — and you don’t need doctors, surgery or stronger glasses. Read on…

Drive with confidence at night,
in the rain, in bright sunshine
or glare — anytime!

Quell “night blindness”… improve your vision…
secure your independence

I hear from patients who tell me they have trouble seeing at night, in low light or in glare.

It’s hard for their eyes to adapt to changes in light or darkness, and this makes it hard, even dangerous, to drive or even walk.

So they tell me, sadly, they don’t go out as much at night, when it’s raining or in poor light.

But it doesn’t have to be that way for you.

Imagine driving at night for hours…

…being able to clearly see street signs, oncoming traffic or people walking across the street from distance

…making it safely to the bathroom at night without falling

…all with clearer, sharper night and low-light vision!

It’s possible with the first key ingredient in my NutraVision formula…

A full, therapeutic dose
of the “night vision nutrient”

Benefits with “high potency” bilberry found in NutraVision

  • Improve your night vision
  • See better in low-light conditions
  • More quickly adapt to changing light or glare
  • Enhance your visual performance
  • Superior retinal protection from free radical damage
  • Sharper focus as your eyes shift targets
  • Improve circulation in your eyes
  • Safeguard your eyes from oxidative stress
  • Faster recovery from glare or flash blindness
  • No more worry about night blindness
  • Drive, walk, work or play at night with confidence

For over 1,000 years, the herb bilberry has been used as a natural remedy, especially for enhancing vision performance and quelling night blindness.

During WWII, British pilots ate bilberry jam to sharpen their vision for night bombing runs.

So it’s no surprise bilberry has been a prized nutrient found in popular vision supplements. But as you’ll see in a moment, not all bilberry is alike, and you must avoid cheap, worthless bilberry.

Grown wild in Europe, Canada and the U.S., bilberry is one of the richest sources of plant pigment antioxidants called anthocyanins.

This is important because these special plant pigments…

Increase your eyes’ production of a compound called rhodopsin, which improves your night vision and accelerates your adaption to darkness or glare.
Nourishes and protects your eyes’ retinas, providing powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory support.
Enhances retinal circulation… supplying your eyes with smooth blood flow for healthy, strong vision day and night.

No wonder Advances in Gerontology reports that “long-term bilberry extract supplementation is effective in warding off” vision problems.

But buyer beware:
Not all bilberry is alike (or effective)

To get the best night vision and to improve recovery time from glare, you need to take a bilberry extract with the highest percentage of anthocyanins.

This is where bilberries’’ full power comes from. I insisted that NutraVision contain “high potency” bilberry containing 25% anthocyanins, the highest amount you can get.

Compare this to other companies that sell a weak mix of bilberry that’s all but worthless!

As you’ll now see, the powerful NutraVision formula can do even more for your vision and health of your eyes…

If your vision’s failing,
your health may be failing, too

Shocking warning by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

So you’re eyesight’s going bad. It’s just a vision problem, right?


vision loss chart

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warns that older adults with moderate or extreme vision loss reported higher prevalence of diabetes, heart disease and stroke than those without vision loss.

What’s more, the American Society of Aging warns that if you have poor vision, you are nearly twice as likely to have poor or fair health compared to someone without vision problems.

A Women’s Health and Aging Study reveals that vision impairment often occurs in conjunction with common health problems.

For example for women age 65…

44% of them had vision impairments AND arthritis
40% of them has vision impairment AND high blood pressure
17% of them had vision impairment AND heart disease
15% of them had vision impairment AND hearing loss

My point? Vision loss is a serious problem that may occur with many other health conditions. So do everything you can to boost the health of your eyes and enhance your vision with NutraVision.

Protect your eyes and improve your vision, naturally. Guaranteed to work for you, or you pay nothing!

Harvard doctors’ “sight savers”
slash your risk of devastating
vision loss by 75%!

Restore your macula… sharpen your vision…
safeguard your eyes

If you want sharp vision and healthy eyes for years to come, you must restore and rejuvenate your eyes’ “macula.”

The macula is the oval yellow area near the center of your retina, and is KEY for you to clearly see colors and details.

The macula has an important and naturally occurring substance in it known as “macular pigment.” What’s important is, the HIGHER amount of macular pigment, the LOWER your risk of vision problems.

The problem is… as you age, your eye’s levels of macular pigment decline. In fact, University of Utah researchers report that macular pigment levels decline by more than 10% per decade!

“I felt like my eyes got younger”

“I got results from Dr. Sears’ eye formula. Within a week, I started seeing things with more clarity.

Colors got brighter and I could definitely tell that images were sharper than before. It felt like my eyes got younger.”
Ruth K.

Take NutraVision and soon you’ll be saying…

  • I don’t need my glasses as much or at all
  • I can read street signs without straining
  • My eyes don’t feel as dry
  • Colors seem to “pop” more
  • I can read the newspaper easier
  • I drive a night with confidence
  • No more focusing problems
  • Everything seems clearer again
  • Love how my eyes feel

Yet now, with NutraVision, you can…

Restore your macular pigment and enjoy stronger vision with natural two most powerful “sight savers”

Your eyes are constantly UNDER ATTACK!

Every day, your eyes are being pounded by vision-robbing culprits like…

  • Dangerous UV rays from the sun that clobber your lens and cornea.
  • Harmful free radicals that constantly erode your macula, the part of our retina you need for visual clarity and reading fine print.
  • Hazardous poisons from the environment like car exhaust, pollution, chlorine and dust which cause dryness, eye strain and inflammation.
  • Destructive blue light from computer monitors, smartphones and tablet screens can cause eyestrain and in the worse cases, retinal damage.

But now, with NutraVision, you can give your eyes ultimate protection and safety — enjoy better, clearer vision for a lifetime!

Macular pigment is made up primarily of two key carotenoids, lutein and zeaxanthin, which are found in broccoli, squash, corn and dark green leafy veggies like spinach and kale.

You can get some lutein and zeaxanthin from foods like this, but the better way is take them in supplement form.

How important is it for you to take lutein and zeaxanthin each day?

Dr. Johanna Seddon and associates at Harvard Medical School found that taking 6 mg of lutein per day led to a 43% lower risk of vision loss.

She reports, “People with lowest level of carotenoid accumulation in outer retina were significantly more likely to suffer from age-related [vision loss] than those with higher pigment levels. The difference in risk between those having the highest and lowest levels was 75 percent.” 1

Additional research from Harvard shows a direct correlation between the amount of zeaxanthin in your macula and your risk of vision loss. The MORE zeaxanthin, the LOWER your risk. 2

Wow! Imagine lowering your risk of devastating vision loss by as much as 75% with lutein and zeaxanthin!

In addition, research shows increasing levels of lutein and zeaxanthin improves your visual clarity, visual performance and recovery from glare.

And here’s what’s really exciting…

NutraVision gives you “optimum dosages” of lutein and zeaxanthin

Of all the carotenoids in your diet, your eyes’ macula collect only two: lutein and zeaxanthin.

Their concentration in your eyes is so high, your eyes cannot function without them.

Lutein and zeaxanthin are like internal sunglasses that block and protect your central eyesight from harmful light rays and breakdown of free radicals.

You need a minimum of 12 mg of lutein, but my experience with patients shows that 20 mg of lutein is the optimum dosage. So that’s what you’ll find in each serving of NutraVision.

You’ll also get a full 1 mg of zeaxanthin, which may not sound like much. But some vision formulas only include a few micrograms of zeaxanthin. Remember, a microgram is only 1/1,000th of a milligram.

Bottom line: With optimum dosages of lutein and zeaxanthin found in NutraVision, you’ll safeguard your eyes and power up your vision for years to come.

Don’t let vision rip-offs
steal away your eyesight

IT’S SAD BUT TRUE: Most vision pills are disappointing, standard “off the shelf” brands. Companies are using whatever ingredients the manufacturers tell them to use — with little or no research.

Want better vision?

Then do these things everyday…

  1. Get more natural light.
  2. Eat like our ancestors. Get more of your calories from fat and protein, eat grass fed beef and dairy… wild caught coldwater fish… poultry and eggs from pastured animals… and healthy fats like olive oil, butter and coconut oil.
  3. Take NutraVision.

Others skimp on dosages of key vision boosting nutrients, and still others use “counterfeit” ingredients that are worthless.

Take bilberry. It’s vital for improving your night vision, enhancing your visual performance and protecting your eyes from vision-robbing free radicals and dangerous blue light.

But shockingly, some vision supplement contain low dosages of bilberry or a weak mix of bilberry that’s worthless.

One popular vision formula offers you just 50 mg of bilberry, which is HALF of what you really need each day.

Another trick is to use tiny amounts of two critical vision-improving, vision-protecting nutrients, lutein and zeaxanthin.

For example, the vision formula I mentioned above provides just 2 mg of lutein — that’s 1/10th of what my research tell me you need.

And as far a multi-vitamins providing vision support for you, forget it! One multi-vitamin offers you a scant 500 mcg of lutein — a full 40 times less than you need! A travesty!

[Pull quote] “One multi-vitamin offers you a scant 500 mcg of lutein — a full 40 times less than you need! A travesty!”

So you may be taking the cheapest forms of vision nutrients or low doses that do little or nothing for the health of your eyes.

But this is not a problem
with NutraVision

You’ll be glad to know that I have complete control as to what goes into NutraVision.

And since I formulated it for my patients, my readers, my family and myself, you can be assured it has the right dosages of the right ingredients — always the most potent, most bioavailable sources. All to deliver the most powerful vision nutrients on earth in each capsule.

That means you’ll have peace of mind knowing you can enjoy clearer, sharper, more youthful vision from day one!

Enjoy clearer, sharper vision, from day one, without stronger glasses or surgery

Exclusive combo of “targeted” nutrients
help your eyes function at FULL POWER

Vision problems, as we age, are a pain. After all, who wants to suffer from…

Difficulty focusing
Foggy vision
Poor night vision
Floaters and halos
Light sensitivity
Burning eyes
Glare and distortion problems
Dry eyes

If you’re bothered by these problems or other age-related vision problems, I have GREAT NEWS:

NutraVision gives you the best “targeted nutrients” for young-again eyes

Your eyesight is highly prized, so I’ve searched the world over to make sure NutraVision delivers the most powerful, scientifically proven nutrients for healthy eyes and clear vision.

I’m proud to say it includes a Baker’s Dozen of “targeted nutrients” for your eyes.

I call them “targeted nutrients” because they’re specially designed by nature to help your eyes function at FULL POWER.

Each daily serving of NutraVision gives you…

  • 100 mg of bilberry for better night vision, sharper focus and superior protection from free radical damage. An extract of 25% anthocyanins, the highest amount you can get.
  • 20 mg of lutein to slash your risk of vision loss by 75%… improve your visual power… and prevent free radicals from damaging your eyes.
  • 1 mg of zeaxanthin to boost your macular pigment… reduce your risk of vision loss… and help you see better.
  • 5,000 IU of vitamin A to support your retina and night vision.
  • 15 mg zinc and 1.6 mg copper to help you focus and read fine print better.
  • 50 mg eyebright to support healthy blood vessels in your eyes and eyelids.
  • 452 mg vitamin C to fight free radicals and oxidative stress in your eyes.
  • 20 mg lycopene, another powerful antioxidant and free radical fighter.
  • 200 IU of vitamin E helps protect tissues in your eyes from devastating free radicals that can rob you of your vision.
  • 400 mg L-taurine to strengthen cells in your retina and protect your lenses from drying out.
  • 50 mg ginkgo biloba and 20 mg vinpocetine to boost healthy blood circulation in your eyes and promote a normal inflammation response.

No other natural formula gives you this “Baker’s Dozen” of the best vision-boosting, eye-protecting nutrients like NutraVision. That’s why it’s the one and only vision supplement I recommend and take.

Even better, you can POWER up your eyes and enjoy “young again” vision

Already, my patients taking NutraVision tell me they love it! And 7 out of 10 of them who are taking it have experienced what they call “dramatic” results.

Now, my unique NutraVision formula is available to you, too.

Even better, you won’t risk one cent thanks to an…

Unconditional, No-Risk, Money-Back Triple Guarantee

You can try out NutraVision with total confidence because your satisfaction is guaranteed — or you pay nothing!

In fact, your order is protected by not one but three money-back guarantees…

Guarantee No. 1: NutraVision includes nutrients and vitamins scientifically and clinically shown to give you healthier eyes — nourishing your macula, retinas, lenses and eye tissues. Your satisfaction is guaranteed — or your money back!

Guarantee No. 2: NutraVision includes nutrients and vitamins scientifically and clinically shown to boost and improve your night vision… your focus… your ability see fine lines and details… and your adaptation to glare and low light conditions. Your satisfaction is guaranteed — or your money back!

Guarantee No. 3: NutraVision includes a Baker’s Dozen of the world’s most powerful vision savers and vison booster in one capsule — the right nutrients in the right dosages for maximum vision power and protection. Your satisfaction is guaranteed — or your money back!

In fact, if you are not thrilled with the results of NutraVision simply return any bottles, used or unused, within 90 days for an immediate, complete and total refund — including shipping and handling — with no questions asked. And any FREE gifts are yours to keep. Your satisfaction is guaranteed — or your money back! So order today.

You can enjoy clearer, sharper, more powerful, young-again vision and healthier eyes starting from day one.

It’s easy to order.

Now, you can use the same “targeted nutrients” my patients and readers are using for better, shaper vision and healthier eyes. So order NutraVision today without risk.

To Your Good Health,

Al Sears, MD

Al Sears, MD, CNS

P.S. And remember, you risk absolutely nothing thanks to an Unconditional, No-Risk Money Back Triple Guarantee. So order today!

BEST DEAL! FREE Shipping and VIP Service!

Order a 3-month supply of Nutra-Vision for just $19.96 per bottle and you’ll also become a member of my exclusive VIP Auto Delivery Program.

We’ll ship you a fresh, potent supply of NutraVision every 3 months. For your convenience, your credit card will be automatically charged with each shipment. That way, you ensure on-time delivery and you’ll never have to take time out of your busy day to worry if you’ll run out.

By joining, you also ensure that you receive FREE shipping and handling for as long as you take NutraVision! If you’re not satisfied you can get a prompt refund of every dollar you paid. That way, you risk nothing.


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