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Legionnaire’a disease, danger in the air conditioners


In summer months most of us prefer to use air conditioners to be protected from the hot weather. However, while trying to relax by the help of the air conditioner, we face with an important disease caused by the air conditioning.  Legionnaire disease is the most important health problem arising due to the air-conditioners in summer. Excessive humidity inside the air conditioner creates a suitable environment for the life of legionella pneumophila.

Legionnaire’s disease, which is defined as bacterial infection caused by bacterium breeding in the humid environment of uncirculated air-conditioning, may cause death if not treated. In the summer, indoor air is often used to change the temperature and humidity of breathing air in air-conditioned rooms.

In summer people mostly concern about the diseases caused by hot weather. But, exposure to high humidity in summer and non-hygienic air conditioning may invite many other diseases.


Health specialists point out that there are two basic things that air-conditioning actually do. The first of these is to cool the air, and the other is to reduce the humidity of the air. Because the air conditioners do this in a closed environment and the air circulates continuously. People in an air-conditioned environment are always exposed to the same air during the day. Normally a healthy person breathes about a thousand times an hour. Every breath we take cleanses our blood.

Healthy people breathe out of the air, and if there are some harmful particles in the air we breathe, they can also get in our bodies, especially those with low body resistance. In this point, the most important health problem that emerges in the world especially during the summer, is the legionnaire’s disease. Excessive humidity in the air conditioner creates a very suitable environment for the life and reproduction of ‘legionella pneumophila’ bacteria. This bacteria spread to the lungs and causes the pneumonia in the lungs. This bacteria likes and places in the watery and overly moist environments. Excessive humidity creates a very suitable environment for the life and rehabilitation of this disease.

It is reported that the bacteria that interfered from the air-conditioners, interfered to 221 patients and caused the death of 34 peopl in 1976 in the USA. Many people who applied to hospitals with various complaints each year in the USA were diagnosed with legionnaire’s disease.

We must always avoid excessive and unconscious air conditioning for our health, we must frequently check the air conditioning systems of the air conditioners, clean the filters and periodically maintain them.


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