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Last days of home phones…


Fixed phones do not disappear yet, but in a research made in the US it is determined that the US citizens were about to give up on landline (home phone) phones altogether. Research conducted and published by the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) shows that in the second half of 2016, 50.8% of American citizens prefered to use wireless landlines completely. While the rate of households with both landlines and at least one wireless phone was 39.4%, only 6.5% of households had landlines. In the remaining 3.2% of homes, there were no mobile phones and landline phones.

Surveys reveal that in the second half of 2016 more than half of US homes have completely wireless phones for the first time. Looking at these results, mobile phones seem to be particularly popular within the millennium group, and it turns out that 70% of adults aged 25-34 do not use landlines.

In addition, living standards play an important role in fixed lines. Most of the adults who live on the tenements and about 80 percent of the people living with housemates or other unrelated people prefer wireless lines. Thinking that home phones would create an extra bill to be paid mutually, it is logical for those people to use mobile phones.

In addition, according to the report of the Ministry of Health income is also an important factor in having landline phones. According to the report, two-thirds of low-income families are not using landline phones.

In fact, what is surprising is that landlines are still in the face of mobile or internet phones. But it is not surprising to see that most people prefer wireless communication instead of landlinephones.


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