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Lack of vitamin D may be the reason of your headache


A study researching the incidence of chronic tension-type headache in adults having vitamin D deficiency showed that the adults with vitamin D deficiency tend to have headache 17 times more than the other people.

The Neurology Professor Sanjay Prakash and his team examined the relationship between deficiency of vitamin D and the incidence of chronic tension-type headache.

According to the news of Medimagazin, in a study published in the May Headache report, 100 women and men participating in a chronic tension-type headache complaint were questioned about health checkups and asked for blood screening tests. The level of vitamin D in the patients with chronic tension-type headache was measured as 14.7 (ng / mL), while the average was 27.4 ng / mL in the non-headache patients. It was seen that 71 percent of people with vitamin D insufficiency had a tension-type headache.

Researchers say that the patients with vitamin D deficiency are 17 times more likely to have a chronic tension-type headache than others. They reported that the possibility of having headache everyday has increased in the people with vitamin D deficiency.

Sanjay Prakash and his team also determined that low vitamin D is associated with bone pain and muscular sensitivity in a significant way. The researchers added that fatigue, skeletal pain, muscle weakness and bone sensitivity are also more common in these patients.


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