Home Technology Just for a single memory, the brain’s remote parts need to move

Just for a single memory, the brain’s remote parts need to move


American scientists have found that remote parts of the brain need to move in order to store just a single memory. The results of the study published on the journal Nature. The study showed that for storing a short-term memory, the brain reverted to the outer layer cortex responsible for the creation of many thoughts and actions, a small area called the thalamus, located at the center of the brain. Clinical study of Howard Hughes Medical Institute Janelia Research Campus revealed that major parts of the thalamus may play an important role in consciousness and cognitive function.

Karel Svoboda, leader of the team of the researchers, stated that they found out the cortex could not keep the memories by itself, and the thalamus is an important associate in this process. Svoboda compared the flow of the information between cortex’s ALM named part and the thalamus with a pin-pon game. He said that one moves first, then the other, and this back and forth action provides the continuity of the activity pattern corresponding to memory.


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