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It’s Better To Pay Your Bills With a Credit Card


Bank cards often are given a bad rap because they’re well often utilized to delay paying for something. Nonetheless, there’s a way to wield them responsibly that can be immeasurably handy: consolidating regular monthly expense payments into one due date.

This technique can take a little bit of self-control (as does any sort of accountable credit card usage), yet the principle is basic: pay your expenses with your credit card. Numerous places will certainly allow you to set up automated payments with a card. Then, allot the money you owe them from your spending plan. You could now pay all your expenses at once. As personal finance blog CaptainMoney discusses:

“All my regular costs are credited my credit card, decreasing the variety of due days I have to bear in mind from a half-dozen to just one. I don’t know or care when my credit card, Netflix, or mobile phone bills can be found in– they are all immediately charged to my credit card and I recognize when my credit card bill comes due!
Lots of people possibly do not get paid fifteen times a month, yet if your expenses are staggered strangely, your cash money outflow can become harder than it has to be.” Another upside, as the writer mentions, is that this aids in your racking up rewards points in a big way.

There’s another key thing that lots of people might not consider, also: if you contain your credit card balance for bills, there’s much less available to invest in impulsive and all around bad purchases. This may not help if you have a monster credit card balance, however by keeping your credit limit low as well as assigning it specifically for expenses, you’ll be less lured to get something large on credit – because you cannot.


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