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How to make cheap shopping in Berlin?


Berlin where art and design come together, also offers many alternatives for the shopping lovers. Here are the secrets of cheap shopping in Berlin.

Berlin, which has become one of the trendiest cities of recent years, is not only famous for its art and design but also well known for its fashion stores and second hand vintage boutiques. You can find whatever you are looking for in this shopping haven. There are many originally decorated boutiques waiting for you in Berlin. In addition to luxury shopping facilities, affordable boutiques and vintage stores are also popular in the city. Here are some of the cheapest shopping spots in Berlin.

  1. Humana is one of the most popular second-hand stores in Berlin which has the most branches in Germany. You can find a wide range of products from hats to shoes, from jewelry to dresses, shirts and jeans. It is wise to go through the categories that you are looking for in Humana. You can find a Humana store in most of the districts in Berlin.
  2. Colors is the largest vintage and second-hand merchandise store in Berlin. It has a large vintage collection dating from the 60’s to the 90’s. You can find many products like men’s and women’s wears, shoes, boots and accessories in Colors. They also have really nostalgic hat and scarfs.
  3. Crusz is a place where you can find many long and short evening dresses. The second hand street fashion and design products are popular in Berlin. But second-hand and affordable evening dress stores are also available. Besides evening dresses, it is also possible to find stylish bustiers and trousers at this store.
  4. Calypso Vintage Shoes is the right address if you are looking for second-hand shoe models from the 1930s to present-day. You can find many iconic items ranging from sandals to boutiques, stilettos, to sports shoes. Stylish vintage shoes are waiting for you at the store where prices are quite affordable.
  5. Calypt, offers a nostalgic shopping experience with a selection of affordable products. You can buy both used clothing and accessories in this store.


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