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herb that suppresses appetite – weight loss


“Everything you’ve ever been told
about WHY

*You can’t seem to lose weight
*You crave sugary foods
*You struggle with high blood sugar,
triglycerides and cholesterol
*And you’re tired all the time
…has been wrong — dead wrong!”

If extreme dieting… healthy meal programs…
intense exercise… and doctors’ treatments have fallen short
or failed you, I have great news.

“At my clinic in South Florida, I’ve been helping my patients overcome, even reversea combination of health problems when typical ‘solutions’ haven’t worked.

“How? With a powerful natural treatment that flies in the face of conventional medicine.

“Now, for the first time, the centerpiece of this protocol is available to you — a new natural pill that helps you enjoy…

>>A slimmer body*
>>Skyrocketing energy 
>>Healthy fasting, post meal and HbA1c blood sugar levels
>>Healthy cholesterol levels
>>Healthy triglyceride levels
>>Youthful health and vitality

“Sounds good?”

Based on cutting-edge research by…


Dear Friend,

There’s a LOT of questionable, even bad advice you’re hearing today if you’re trying to beat some of the biggest health problems. For example…

>>Struggling with extra pounds? You’re told to eat low fatWRONG! Eating low fat makes your weight-loss efforts worse, not better.

>>Tired all the time? You’re told to do more cardio or aerobic exercises. FALSE!These so-called ‘healthy’ exercises do more damage than good.

>>Constantly craving sweets? You’re told to reduce stress or get more sleepNOT SO FAST! These steps fail to address the hidden cause of cravings.

>>Worried about your blood sugar, triglycerides or cholesterol? You’re told to cut out most sugars and fats. HOLD ON! These sacrifices won’t do the trick.

Yet my patients are having tremendous success enjoying super health with all of these concerns. How? It starts with you knowing…

The truth about the biggest health destroyers*

It’s shocking how many Americans are suffering from a combination of these health problems: Obesity… blood sugar issues… triglyceride concerns… low HDL “good” cholesterol… fatigue… and blood pressure worries — and you may be struggling with these problems, too.

But what if I told you that when three or more of these symptoms occur together, you can enjoy GREAT HEALTH in all of them, if you do just one thingReset your body’s metabolism.

The REAL cause of these problems is what I call “broken metabolism.” When this happens, your body’s metabolism for burning fat… for producing energy… for curbing cravings… and for keeping your blood sugar, triglycerides and cholesterol healthy is faulty.

What causes this “broken metabolism” — a problem so big I’ve renamed it “Syndrome Zero”? A sedentary lifestyle… progressive weight gain… a diet overloaded with carbs, sugar and processed foods… and the biggest culprit of all, insulin resistance.

My approach to addressing these problems is not just different. It’s exactly opposite of what the Medical Establishment tells you to do.

The great news? When nothing else has worked for them, I’ve been helping my patients fix their metabolism and enjoy super health and vitality. And now you can do the same.

It’s possible with the centerpiece of my “metabolic fix” program, a new natural pill called: Recovery Metabolic Rescue.

As you’re about to read, it’s the first and only natural supplement that helps…

Is your metabolism broken? Take this
quick quiz…

Are you worried about…

  • Extra weight, especially around the belly
  • Your blood sugar
  • Fatigue and tiredness
  • Memory loss and forgetfulness
  • Your triglycerides
  • Your blood pressure
  • Low HDL “good” cholesterol

If you answered YES to 3 or more of these questions, you’re likely suffering from what I call “broken metabolism.” Find out how my new formula, Recovery Metabolic Rescue, can help you reset your metabolism and enjoy super health for all of these areas — safely and naturally.

>>Reset your body’s fat-burning metabolism so you shed unwanted fat and slim down, by keeping levels of insulin (the “fat storage” hormone) healthy.

>>Reset your blood sugar metabolism so you enjoy healthy blood sugar. As a bonus, you’ll keep your triglycerides and LDL cholesterol healthy, plus raise heart-protective HDL “good” cholesterol.

>>Reset your energy metabolism so you skyrocket your youthful vitality. How? By keeping insulin producing stem cells healthy and supporting insulin response.

Recovery Metabolic Rescueincludes special herbs, minerals and nutrients many of my patients are taking to re-set their metabolism — and now, those same nutrients are available to you.

How can Recovery Metabolic Rescue help you fix your metabolism and supercharge your health? And what kind of health transformation can you experience when you take it?

Reset your fat-burning metabolism
and watch stubborn pounds vanish.
By keeping insulin healthy.

Flip a “metabolic switch”… slim your body… and curb food cravings!

If your metabolism is broken, weight loss is difficult, if not impossible.

So the first thing you need to do to reset your fat-burning metabolism is to make sure you keep your insulin at healthy levels.

Insulin is the hormone that controls your blood sugar levels. It’s also the “fat storage” hormone.

“Ground Zero”
of a bigger problem…

The reality is, most Americans are in the same boat — whether you realize it or not — suffering from what I call Syndrome Zero.

This is a bigger problem than just blood sugar problems, Metabolic Syndrome or Syndrome X. We’re at “Ground Zero” of a health crisis like no other.

Yet new breakthroughs in natural medicine now make it possible for you to supercharge your health — safely and naturally.

Insulin is made in your pancreas and shuttles sugar from your blood into your cells for storage.

But when your blood sugar rises above normal after a meal, your pancreas goes on “high alert” to lower it. So it makes more and more insulin, creating more and more problems.

The overproduction of insulin is bad for a number of reasons. Too much insulin…

*Makes weight loss nearly impossible. Too much insulin turns carbs into fat, not energy, and you can’t lose weight even if you starve yourself.

*Makes you always feel hungry, craving sweets and carbs.

*Wears out the beta cells in your pancreas that produce insulin.

*Causes your cells to be resistant to insulin’s effects. This triggers your pancreas to make even more insulin, creating a vicious cycle and disrupting your metabolism.

The good news? With my new Recovery Metabolic Rescue, you’ll flip a “metabolic switch” and watch stubborn pounds vanish.* It starts by…

Great insulin levels, which helps you shed unwanted
pounds and curb cravings

One of the best ways to keep your insulin healthy is to take magnesium.

Magnesium helps keep your insulin and blood sugar in the normal ranges, plus it activates an enzyme that’s required for your insulin receptors to work as they should.

On the other hand, low magnesium sets the stage for elevated insulin and high blood sugar.

In one study, people with the highest levels of magnesium reduced their risks of insulin and blood sugar concerns by 71%.1


Shockingly, 80% of Americans are deficient in magnesium. Could this be the reason so many people are overweight and obese?

Yet if you take magnesium found in my Recovery Metabolic Rescue, you can keep your insulin at healthy levels, which is a key to weight loss.*

The Journal of Nutrition did an analysis of 15 clinical studies following 52,684 healthy people. They reported a higher magnesium intake was associated with lower insulin… and lower fasting blood sugar to boot.2

My new formula also includes…

The “slim down” mineral that keeps your insulin healthy and speeds up your weight loss
Recovery Metabolic Rescue also includes Chromium picolinate, a mineral critical for healthy insulin function and accelerated weight loss.

No more carb cravings!

More often than not, broken metabolism leads to craving carbs like chips, pizza, crackers, bread and muffins. But be warned: foods like yogurt, fruit snacks and iced coffee are also laden with hidden carbs.

The problem is, eating carbs makes you crave more carbs, which makes shedding weight even harder, if not impossible.

When you eat loads of carbs, high insulin levels trigger the part of your brain that regulates hormones, called the hypothalamus. This sends out a hunger signal… so you crave more carbs.

Now, you have help. Chromium picolinate curbs carb cravings.

In one study, subjects who were mostly obese or overweight took 600 mcg of Chromium picolinate a day. The result? Less carb cravings and less appetite!4

Chromium makes your cells more receptive to the action of insulin. It helps insulin take sugar and turn it into energy, not fat.

The result? You decrease insulin production and insulin levels. As this happens, your body doesn’t take sugar from your bloodstream and store it as fat.

This is why chromium helps you slim down, which in turn helps support healthy blood sugar metabolism.

In a study, one group of people used diet, exercise and a supplement that included chromium or diet, exercise and a placebo to see which group lost more weight.

The result? Those taking the supplement that included chromium accelerated the rate of body fat loss and maintained lean muscle mass.*3

Want more weight loss and more lean muscle mass without more work? Then you need to reset your fat-burning metabolism and support healthy insulin levels with Recovery Metabolic Rescue.

Yet there’s even more that this new formula will do for you, especially for healthier blood sugar, cholesterol and triglycerides — and a healthier heart — as you’ll now see…

Too much insulin makes weight loss almost impossible. It…

  • Converts more calories you eat into stored body fat.
  • Inhibits the breakdown of fat to produce energy.
  • Inhibits producing new glucose for energy from non-carb sources.

Now, keep your insulin at healthy levels, safely and naturally with Recovery Metabolic Rescue… and watch unwanted fat vanish!*

Reset your blood sugar metabolism and enjoy great glucose… healthy triglycerides and cholesterol… plus a vibrant heart.

Superior results with an 86% success rate!

Effortless weight loss? Pigs don’t lie.

pigs dont lieIn one study, commercial pigs had Chromium picolinate added to their diet. Nothing else was changed. Then their fat reduction was measured.

The results? The pigs eating Chromium picolinate lost weight and increased muscles.5

Broken metabolism also makes controlling your blood sugar a big problem.

But I’ve discovered a better way for you to enjoy great glucose and get a slew of additional health benefits to boot.

This is critical because uncontrolled blood sugar can damage your heart… your blood vessels… your nerves…your eyes… and even your brain.

Conventional medicine says, to lower blood sugar, you have to eat a near perfect diet… exercise like crazy… and take prescription medications.**

While these steps can help your blood sugar, we now know powerful minerals, herbs and nutrients can keep your blood sugar healthy, yet in a safe, natural way.

One of my favorite nutrients for healthier blood sugar is the bizarre-looking fruit bitter melon, prized as food andmedicine in Asia, the Caribbean and South America.

Hailed as a “very effective agent” for healthier blood sugar by the
Journal of Natural Products

Bitter melon helps support your blood sugar metabolism and give you great glucose by improving glucose tolerance — the ability of your cells to absorb sugar and lessen the amount of sugar in your blood.

Some diabetics look to natural treatment methods, such as bitter melon, to help manage their symptoms.

In one study conducted in India, 100 subjects with blood sugar concerns drank bitter melon pulp. Remarkably, healthy fasting and post-meal blood sugar levels were observed in a whopping 86% of the subjects.6

Plus in a four-week clinical trial, a high dose of bitter melon significantly supported blood sugar levels.7

No wonder the British Medical Journal reports, “Bitter melon improves glucose tolerance”… and The Foundation of Diabetic Researchadds that bitter melon works as fast as five hours for keeping blood sugar healthy.

This is why bitter melon is another key nutrient in my Recovery Metabolic Rescue formula.

But that’s not all. This unique formula also includes…

A little-known black seed with stunning success for healthy blood sugar

I’ve searched the world over for the most powerful nutrients to restore your blood sugar metabolism, and I’m excited to tell you about three other breakthroughs I’ve included in Recovery Metabolic Rescue. They include…

Black cumin seeds helps decrease high blood glucose levels by increasing insulin sensitivity and glucose uptake by the cells.

>>Nigella sativa (Black cumin)— called the “secret heal-all remedy” by NaturaNews.com

The black seeds of this plant, which look like black sesame seeds, are packed with healing compounds and have been used for centuries by natural doctors.

They caught my attention because of a study conducted in India. Patients took high doses of Black cumin — and the results for their blood sugar were stunning.

In just eight weeks, blood sugar levels were fantastic!8

milk thistle
Milk thistle helps improve blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

>>Milk thistle — significant results for healthy HbA1c — Phytotherapy Research

Besides keeping daily fasting blood sugar levels healthy, you also want great hemoglobin A1c (HbA1c) levels. This is the measure of your blood sugar over the past six to eight weeks.

According to Emedicinehealth.com, having high HbA1c indicates poor blood sugar control.

In a clinical study, 51 patients took either Milk thistle plus their conventional therapy or a placebo plus conventional therapy every day for four months.

The results? Outstanding! Those taking Milk thistle enjoyed healthier HbA1c levels. As a bonus, their total cholesterolLDL cholesterol and triglycerides levels were at healthy levels, too.9

Adding cinnamon to your diet can help control blood sugar.

>>Cinnamon — the spice that beat 48 others for great glucose

I’m also a big fan of cinnamon for resetting your blood sugar metabolism.

Dr. Richard Anderson and his colleagues at the Human Nutrition Research Center of the USDA screened extracts from 49 culinary and medicinal plants to see which were the most powerful at regulating blood sugar.10

The winner? Cinnamon. Turns out it’s rich in a substance called MHCP, which is shown to support healthy glucose metabolism by 20 times — all to give you healthier blood sugar.

In another study, doctors in Pakistan working with Dr. Anderson gave high doses of cinnamon to 60 patients. After just 40 days, fasting blood sugar was at healthier levels.11

No wonder researchers of that study concluded that cinnamon helps reduce worries about blood sugar.

diabetes blood sugar chart

These are the special nutrients my patients have been taking for years to reset their blood sugar metabolism — and now, they’re available to you in my exclusive new Recovery Metabolic Rescue.

Taking it every day can mean healthier fasting blood sugar, post meal blood sugar and HbA1c — and as a bonus, healthier triglycerides, cholesterol and cardiovascular health — all with a safe, natural pill.

But that’s not all. As you’ll see, Recovery Metabolic Rescue can reset your metabolism in other important ways…

Great guns! Better triglycerides and cholesterol, too!

What’s exciting to me is the special nutrients in Recovery Metabolic Rescue give you many health benefits. These include…

*Healthier triglycerides: In the same Pakistan/Dr. Anderson study I just mentioned, people taking cinnamon not only kept their blood sugar healthy. They also enjoyed healthier triglycerides, too.

*Healthier total and LDL cholesterol: In a study published in Western Journal of Medicine, 28 volunteers were given Chromium picolinate or a placebo daily for 42 days. For those taking Chromium picolinate, levels of total cholesterol and LDL “bad” cholesterol were kept healthy.

*Increasing HDL “good” cholesterol: More important, in that same study, the principal protein of HDL “good” cholesterol improved substantially with Chromium picolinate. To reset your metabolism, you need to improve levels of HDL “good” cholesterol.

Why? Because decreased levels of HDL “good” cholesterol leads to stiffer, inflexible arteries and worsening heart problems. As a medical doctor, it’s clear in my mind: Keeping HDL “good” cholesterol at healthy levels is even more important than lowering total cholesterol or LDL “bad” cholesterol for heart health.12

How William “reset” his blood sugar
and overcame years of suffering


Recent gene research has revealed that uncontrolled blood sugar is not an irreversible problem.

It’s now possible for you to turn your genes “on” or “off”.

Sound impossible? Let me tell you about one patient’s success story.

He’s a middle-aged letter carrier named William. William had been concerned about his blood sugar for years — and believed he’d be stuck using conventional treatments for the rest of his life.

Then he came to see me, and what happened next is truly remarkable.

I found out that William loves to eat carbs. He told me with every meal, he’d eat potatoes or mounds of bread. The fact is, he’s been eating starches his whole life.

His doctors had told him to avoid sugar but not starches, and all those starches turned to sugar.

This forced his body to adapt to an overload of sugar. William consumed high starches, which stimulated more insulin in his body — more than he could tolerate. A disaster!

I told him to quit eating so many starches and carbs and instead eat lots of specialized, low glycemic, high protein foods. And I changed his exercise to focus on big muscle groups, like legs and back, which burn off more sugar that other muscle groups.

The result? Before he knew it, William “reset” his blood sugar… and his blood sugar and insulin stayed at healthy levels — all safely and naturally.

Doctors’ accidental discovery for great glucose

Ancient Chinese were the first to discover the medicinal values of berberine.

While using an ancient herbal medicine to treat another health problem, Chinese doctors discovered its power to considerably reduce and normalize blood sugar.

It’s berberine, a plant phytonutrient extracted from a number of medicinal herbs, such as barberry and goldenseal. In China, it’s prized for healthy blood sugar.

Modern sciences verifies its blood sugar regulating power. Evidence based Complementary and Alternative Medicine says, “Berberine appears to be effective” for keeping blood sugar in the normal range.

This is why I’ve included berberine in the new Recovery Metabolic Rescueformula.

Spice sets the path for great glucose, 100% of the time

Another key nutrient in my new Recovery Metabolic Rescue formula is turmeric. This remarkable spice contains an active ingredient called curcumin — and has been prized by natural healers for its strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Turmeric is one of my all-time favorite nutrients, especially for healthy blood sugar, for two reasons.

Turmeric plays a major role in reversing pancreatic damage in diabetics.

One, it keeps blood sugar under control.

In a study jointly conducted in Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston and at Sirindhorn Medical Center in Thailand, people took curcumin or a placebo daily for nine months.

At the end of the study, all of the people who took curcumin kept their blood sugar under control — not getting worse. A 100% success rate!14

Two, curcumin is great for healthy blood sugar.

Slash your risk
of a blood sugar “disaster” by 54%

As a medical doctor, I can tell you that losing a few pounds can go a long way in helping you enjoy healthier blood sugar.

A study at Johns Hopkins University confirmed this. In this study, patients lost 5-7% of their total weight over a six-month period.

If you weigh 150 lbs., shedding 5% means losing 7.5 lbs. If you weigh 200 lbs., shedding 5% means losing 10 lbs.

For these patients, just a relatively small weight loss slashed their risk of more serious blood sugar worries by 54%.13

In a systematic review of studies published by PubMed and the U.S. National Library of Medicine between 1998 and 2013, curcumin was shown to keep blood sugar levels healthy… improve pancreatic cell function… and support healthy insulin resistance.15

The hidden cause of memory failure

My research has revealed that people with healthy blood sugar as they age are more likely to have healthy brain and memory functions.

In fact, studies reveal that about 75% of people with blood sugar concerns are more likely to have brain and memory concerns.17

The World Journal of Diabetes also reports that high blood sugar is a risk factor for cognitive dysfunction and has harmful effects on the brain.18

Why? One main reason is insulin resistance in the brain. When insulin is deficient in your brain, the result is cerebral dysfunction, inflammation and oxidative stress. Now, you can improve insulin resistance with Recovery Metabolic Rescue.

Reset your energy metabolism and skyrocket youthful vitality withoutartificial stimulants.

The secret to rejuvenated energy is found deep
within your cells.

Cut your carbs
and keep your
blood sugar healthy

How much difference can a low-carb diet make on your blood sugar levels? A huge difference!

In one study, patients ate two different diets.

For the first eight weeks, they ate a diet with 55% of calories from carbs — very similar to the average American diet.

Then they switched to a diet with 25% of calories from carbs.

The results? When they ate a diet of 25% of their calories from carbs, they had healthier fasting blood sugar and HbA1c levels compared to eating the high-carb diet.19

If your metabolism is broken, you’ll likely feel drained of energy.

So if you want to re-energize your body, you need to boost the cells that make insulin, called beta cells… plus improve insulin sensitivity and insulin resistance.

Found in your pancreas, beta cells secrete, store and release insulin.

The problem is, if your blood sugar rises to unhealthy levels, your pancreas creates more and more insulin. Overtime, this depletes and damages your beta cells, crippling your pancreas, and making you insulin resistant.

Shockingly, people with serious blood sugar problems have lost as much as 70% of their beta-cell mass, according to diabetesdietcures.net.

Blood pressure worries?
Here’s how I helped one patient
who was at wit’s end.

My patient, K.O., was at a dead end he came to see me. He was in bad shape, worried about his kidneys, high blood sugar and his blood pressure.

Step one was to change K.O.’s diet. I put him on a high-protein, high-antioxidant, ZERO carb diet.

The reason is, today’s high blood sugar epidemic has been caused by an unnatural modern diet that has replaced healthy fats with sugar and carbs.

carb vs protein mealCarbs cause your blood sugar to spike dramatically in a short period of time.

For years, K.O. was told to “cut down” on sugar and carbs. He should have been advised to “cut them out” whenever possible.

As this graph shows, these foods cause blood sugar to skyrocket.

High blood sugar damages small blood vessels throughout your body. In K.O.’s case, his high blood sugar didn’t just result in dangerous blood sugar levels. It also led to high blood pressure. But K.O. got his blood sugar under control, and his blood pressure also got normalized.

I also had K.O. take key nutrients, like magnesium, to reset his blood pressure metabolism. Numerous studies show magnesium helps keep blood pressure healthy.

Let Recovery Metabolic Rescue reset your blood sugar metabolism and help you enjoy healthier blood sugar and blood pressure.

The secret to skyrocketing, natural energy

The super antioxidant that defuses nerve pain

According to the Mayo Clinic, blood sugar issues can wreak havoc on your nerves — and that can mean numbness, tingling and sharp pains in your legs and feet, followed by pain in your hands and arms.

To help support healthy nerves and circulation, I’ve included Alpha-lipoic acid in Recovery Metabolic Rescue.

Alpha-lipoic acid has been shown to keep nerves and circulation healthy.

In one study, people who took alpha-lipoic acid enjoyed healthier nerves and better circulation.16

As you can see, Recovery Metabolic Rescue goes far beyond healthier blood sugar — it supports great health, too.

It’s a medical fact: If your insulin-producing beta cells are working well… if you improve insulin sensitivity and insulin resistance… and if your blood sugar is healthy, you’ll fix broken energy metabolism and feel more energized.

Here’s why: Too much insulin prevents your body from burning stored fat for energy. So you feel lethargic, tired and run down.

What’s more, if your cells resist insulin your body makes, glucose can’t get in… and you have no energy.

Great news! Recovery Metabolic Rescue contains nutrients that help move blood glucose from your bloodstream into cells for energy. Plus, they help turn fats, carbs and proteins into energy… and also make your insulin more efficient as it helps insulin take sugar and turn it into energy.

Most natural supplements I’ve seen overlook this problem, but not Recovery Metabolic Rescue. It includes a special herb that…

Rejuvenates and restores your beta cells
for super health and renewed energy

After extensive research, I made sure my new formula included the herb Gymnema sylvestre.

gymnema sylvestre

For more than 2,000 years, this herb has been used in the Holistic system of healing known as Ayurvedic medicine.

In Hindi, it’s known as gumar — the “destroyer of sugar.” This is because chewing on its leaves interferes with your ability to taste sugar. Gymnema sylvestre decreases the sensations of sweetness of many foods and curbs cravings.

But I especially like it because of its positive effects on your insulin producing beta cells… which in turn can reset your energy metabolism.

In one study, 22 patients took 400 mg of Gymnema sylvestre along with their doctor’s advice every day for 18-20 months.

During this time, the patients showed a significant support for healthy blood glucose and HbA1c.

Why such great results? Researchers concluded that the positive results are likely due to beta cells being regenerated and repaired.20

Yet that’s not all. Recovery Metabolic Rescue also includes…

A little-known trace mineral that restores your beta cells and your energy

My new formula also includes vanadium, a little-known trace mineral.

Vanadium restores the structure of beta cells, as seen in an animal study published in the Journal of the Pancreas.21

Forget “cardio”
and “aerobics.”
This is the secret to
abundant energy.

For better blood sugar and more energy, you may have been told to do more “cardio” or “aerobic” exercise. Wrong!

Long duration cardio exercise mimics prolonged stress and breaks down vital cardio pulmonary reserves. In fact, cardio workout more than 15 minutes are a waste of time and cause additional health problems.

You also don’t need long duration exercises at an aerobic level. Research shows that shorter, “supra” aerobic exertion works better and controlling and reversing insulin resistance.

One of the best workouts for restoring healthy blood sugar and avoiding diabetes is to work your back and leg muscles. These are your biggest muscles, and working them demands more energy. The result? You burn more blood sugar, get stronger and re-energize your body.

Plan your workouts to last 15 to 20 minutes then switch between periods of rest and high intensity bursts.

The proof? In one study, a single high intensity workout restored insulin sensitivity.24

Find out more about the best exercises for healthier blood sugar and restored energy in my Special e-Report: Paleo Powerfit: Rediscover Your Native Fitness. It’s yours FREE when you order the best deal of Recovery Metabolic Rescue.

In addition, people taking vanadium had very positive results.

Their insulin sensitivity improved, and that resulted in significant support for healthy fasting blood sugar and HbA1c levels, too.22

Plus, as mentioned my Recovery Metabolic Rescue includes magnesium, which also helps maintain healthy insulin sensitivity and insulin resistance.

In one study, magnesium or a placebo was given to healthy patients with insulin resistance every day for three months.

The results? Those taking magnesium significantly improved insulin sensitivity.23

Bottom line: You can improve insulin sensitivity and insulin resistance, plus rejuvenate and restore your insulin producing beta cells — all to flood your body with youthful, natural energy — with Recovery Metabolic Rescue.

Want super health?
Then IGNORE the medical “experts”

If you follow United States Department of Agriculture recommended Food Pyramid, it’s a disaster.

You’d be eating 6 to 11 servings of grains every day. You’re told grains are low in fat and high in fiber… and that they’re “healthy” for you. WRONG!

Your body wasn’t designed to eat this way. Your Paleo ancestors hardly ate any of those carbs, unless they were starving, and they were remarkably healthy.

Today, most every American meal centers on grains and carbs: Breads, cereals, rice, pasta, corn and sugars.

That’s like pouring gas on a wildfire. Truth is, fibrous whole grains and starches spike your blood sugar more than weeks of eating sugar.

A study in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) proves this point. In this study, 210 patients with blood sugar concerns followed either a low carb/low glycemic diet or a high carb/high fiber diet.

The results? Those on a low carb/low glycemic diet saw a larger reduction in blood sugar compared to those on a high carb/high fiber diet.

One natural pill: 21 super health benefits!

Reset your metabolism and restore your health with Recovery Metabolic Rescue

At my clinic in South Florida, I’ve been helping my patients fix “broken metabolism” with a variety of minerals, herbs and nutrients.

The results? They are now enjoying a myriad of super health benefits.
Yet I know if you tried to take all of these nutrients separately, it would be costly and time consuming.

So I’ve combined the best of these nutrients into one new formula, Recovery Metabolic Rescue.

Now, for the first time, it’s available to you.  Just take a look how your health can be transformed by taking Recovery Metabolic Rescue every day…

  1. Banish unwanted weight and slim down*
  2. Reduce carb cravings
  3. Reduce appetite to prevent overeating
  4. Keep fasting blood sugar levels healthy with an 86% success rate
  5. Enjoy great post-meal blood sugar with an 86% success rate
  6. Normalize HbA1c (the measure of your blood sugar the past 6-8 weeks)
  7. Enjoy healthy total cholesterol
  8. Maintain healthy LDL cholesterol
  9. Keep triglycerides healthy
  10. Maintain healthy blood pressure
  11. Increase HDL “good” cholesterol
  12. Boost glucose metabolism by 20 times
  13. Reduce risk factors associated with high blood sugar
  14. Slash your risks of a blood sugar “disaster” by 54%
  15. Keep insulin levels healthy
  16. Make insulin receptors work better
  17. Reduce insulin resistance
  18. Support nerves and circulation in feet and legs
  19. Restore your insulin producing beta cells
  20. Improve insulin sensitivity
  21. Supercharge your energy to youthful levels

Even better, you can now…

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