Home Finance He became a millionaire at the age of 18

He became a millionaire at the age of 18

He became a millionaire at the age of 18
He became a millionaire at the age of 18

The world is talking about the 18 year old entrepreneur Erik Finman. At the age of 15, Finman, who hated the school and his teachers, chose to become an entrepreneur by making a special deal with his family instead of going to school. Finnman succeeded to increase his first $ 1000 capital that he took from his family, to a number of $ 100,000 in a short period of time by investing in Bitcoin. His next investment was creating a platform where students could study online without going to school. Finnman, now 18 years old, is now in the position of the youngest millionaires in the world.

At the age of 12, Erik Finman, who was not happy with the education he received at school, made a deal with his family. When he reached the age of 18, he took the promise of not being send to the university if he had earned $ 1 million with his own investments.

The young man says that he is making this deal because he is tired of his teachers’ negative attitudes and frustrating attitudes. It was amazing that his teachers advised him to leave him at school and work at McDonald’s. This monogamy has not looked hot before her parents who have a doctorate from theStandford University and who have said her own version of the Kardashian family’s Elon Musk.

However, when they saw that their son was making good in the usage of the money, they accepted the claim. Finman made his first investment at the age of 12 in the digital currency Bitcoin with his $ 1000 money from his family.

In 2011, about 100 units of Bitcoin, worth $ 12 per unit, Erik Finman is making his first impression by increasing his presence 100 times in two years. Financ’s next initiative, which sells Bitcoins at $ 1,200 in 2013 for more than $ 100,000, is quite interesting.

He has invested $ 100,000 with his entrepreneurial company Botangle for those who are not satisfied with the education and the teachers like him. Looking to expand his investment in the face of Botangle’s interest, Finman decided to visit Silicon Valley to find risk capital.

One of the first people he met in the Silicon Valley was Alexis Ohanian, founder of Reddit, the famous content sharing platform. Steve Forbes, Editor-in-Chief of Forbes Magazine, is one of the most important names he met.

The assets of Erik Finman, who managed to add 103 more to his 300,000 Bitcoins that day, along with other investments, was worth $ 250 million, after Bitcoin’s worth of $ 2,500. Erik Finman, who reached $ 1.09 million at the age of 18, won the claim that he entered with his family and left the school without even finishing the liquor. Erik Finman does not have a GDE diploma showing that he still has high school achievements.

Erik Finman now manages financial investments not only of his own but also his family and has started to advise important people on this issue. The young millionaire, 18, continues to give conferences in various parts of the world.


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