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Factors that threaten our eyes in summer

Factors that threaten our eyes in summer
Factors that threaten our eyes in summer

Despite the energy of the summer with the sea, sun and sand triple, this beautiful season brings some risks as well as the energy it gives. Many summer hazards, from poorly cleaned pools to the sunburn can cause significant problems. In the summer months, external factors cause some eye diseases and there are simple and effective ways of protecting your eyes from external factors. It is very important to be aware of eye diseases and to avoid them. Because, even a small neglect can cause serious vision loss in the future.

Beaches, picnics and camping sites can be overshadowed if necessary hygiene is not ensured. For example, keep your hands as clean as possible, because touching your eye with dirty hands can easily lead to germs. Children are more often exposed to eye infection because they are less experienced in cleaning their own. Thus, it is important to give children a hand washing habit.

Inattentive use of contact lenses increases eye infections in the summer. Wash your hands before you insert or remove the contact lens. Always keep the lens solutions and lens boxes clean. Using a daily lens is most appropriate for a holiday. Entering the pool with the contact lens will allow the infectious agents to adhere to the pond making it easier to penetrate the pond.

While the activities we do during the summer increase the risk of eye trauma, the most common trauma mostly occurs due to the chlorine used for hygiene in the pools. As a chemical material, chlorine can cause damage to the eye, so be sure to use swim glasses in the pool.

Sand, dust or weeds are also important risk factors in beaches and rural areas. If the foreign material which gets into your eye is seen, you can wash your eyes with a tear drop and let the foreign material go out. But, if it is not seen, you should see the eye doctor. Because, the foreign material can cause infection or even permanent damages by drawing cornea.

During the outdoor sports, our eyes may be traumatized due to external factors such as balls, elbows, knees, etc. These traumas can cause severe disintegration of the eye, retinal tears, intraocular hemorrhages, and edema, an unimaginable blow at the moment. Wearing a protective sports eyewear is useful in reducing such risks.

While ultraviolet light in the sun directly damages the eye, it can lead to cataracts and retinal diseases as well as stinging and burning. Stay away from sunlight, especially from 10:00 to 14:00. It is imperative to use ultraviolet protection sunglasses for both adults and children. A wide visor hat can also be protective against the sun.

In the summer, more dust and pollen in the air trigger allergies, causing itching and irritation in the eyes. The most effective measure against allergy is to avoid it by detecting the effect that causes it. As the allergies develop acutely on the eyelids, you can relieve cold compresses and reduce the buildup.


Air conditioning is the simplest measure to protect yourself from the hot weather in summer. But, air-conditioned environment will lead to drying, sinking and burning of the eye, and even damage to the surface of the eye. In order to moisten your eyes, trimming your eyes more often will be a solution. You can also use an air humidifier in an air-conditioned environment.

Most of us do not put eye cream on the eyelids with the concern of damaging our eyes. But the skin around our eyes is much more sensitive, and the exposure ultraviolet rays of the sun increases the risk of skin cancer in the eyelids much more than the rest of the face. We should definitely protect it with a sun cream.


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