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European cities smelling coffee in the streets


Are you looking for coffee as soon as you open your eyes to a new day? You cannot buy happiness, but if you are a coffee lover you can buy a cup of coffee. If you cannot give up either traveling or drinking good coffee, here are the best coffee shops where you can enjoy drinking a delicious coffee while traveling.

It is possible to taste Italian coffee both in Rome and in Milano which will be unforgettable for you. There are small and cozy coffee shops you can see on even the narrowest streets in Rome. Rome is one of the most deep rooted cities where coffee has become a lifestyle more than being a drink. Espresso and cappuccino are among the most preferred coffees in Rome. Do not go back without drinking a coffee at the coffee shop of Lavazza in Rome.

Vienna, which is a licensed coffee-maker, has been able to enter UNESCO’s list of abstract heritage in 2011. You can find classic coffee varieties in Vienna. You must also taste special Viennese espresso and cappuccino. The local Viennese coffee, named Wiener Melange, is quite delicious and tastes like cappuccino. When you taste once you will never forget about the taste of Austrian coffee.

Do you know that most of the Finnish citizen consumes at least 5 cups of coffee in a day? Namely, coffee means everything rather than a drink in Finland. It is possible to enjoy the taste of the local coffees at Helsinki’s Kallio district. You can also taste different coffees for reasonable prices in the warehouses located in the industrial centers of Helsinki.

Amsterdam, the capital of Holland, has a very rich and varied coffee culture. People in Amsterdam consume 3 cups of coffee a day. This high amount of consumption causes the development of coffee types day by day.

In the capital of Norway, Oslo, drinking coffee is becoming more and more popular day by day. Almost every street has a coffee shop and a café where you can taste special local coffee. This coffee is made not just from the coffee beans. They make coffee from a little roasted coffee seed and brew like tea. With this different brewing method, coffee is more delicious.

Do you know that coffee is really a serious business for the people in Copenhagen? Even the names of the coffee shops in Copenhagen are designed in lab seriousness and the coffee is being approached scientifically.

Slovenian people consume a lot of coffee. They grow a tropical plant, named Guarana which contains high doses of caffeine. They have a special coffee which is served with a small amount of sugar, is undoubtedly addictive. The caffeinated cocktails are also very popular in Slovenia.

As we all know drinking tea has been one of the habits of British people. But, the British people love drinking coffee as well as tea. Especially in the capital city, London you are able to come across a few local English coffee brands and many coffee shops where you can taste delicious coffee.

In Budapest, a settled coffee culture, the coffee shops which are designed with great care welcome you. If you match your trip with coffee festivals held every year in Budapest, you can taste many delicious coffees. We also recommend you to taste their local coffee which they call “black soup”.

Bratislava can be called literally “coffee paradise”, with its different designed coffee shops and unforgettable coffees. You may be surprised when you see that most of the coffee varieties are served on different methods in Bratislava.



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