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Best movies taken before 1950s


Since the first movie of the Lumiere Brothers in 1895, the movie industry has developed a lot. Despite the fact that most of us prefer to watch Hollywood movies rather than the European or Far East movies, there are some old but unforgettable movies out of the Hollywood movies. No matter how old they are and how far they are from today’s technology, there are some movies taken at the beginning of the 1900’s are being watched repeatedly. Here are those unforgettable movies taken before the 1950s.

La Grande Illusion, taken in 1937, is showing the period of World War I. In World War I, Commander De Boeldieu from the aristocratic class and Lieutenant Marechal from the working class take the trip for exploration together. However, they are taken captured by German troops before they successfully complete their duties. The German Commander von Rauffenstein also comes from an aristocratic family like Boeldieu and demands that his prisoners will eat with him. During dinner, Boeldieu and Rauffenstein start to see their common aspects, all of which are class-based. However, these common aspects do not prevent them from being sent to the prison camp.

M is a kind of cult crime movies taken in 1931. In this cult crime film of master director Fritz Lang, there is a serial killer story that causes a relentless struggle on the streets of Berlin. The police officer of the city, which started to work to stop the serial killer of this psychopath, who only kills children, tries to take the streets under strict control. Besides the people who are very uneasy about the killer’s being arrested, there is another group that complains about this pressure.

Rashômon was taken in 1950. It is about a man found bloody in the woods by chance. The wife of this man, the other offender of the incident, was also raped. There are only three people who are witnesses of this event. One of them is a traveler, the other is a woodcutter, and the last one is a bitch. Now it is time to listen to the story of each one separately. However, all these stories are contradictory and fail to provide information that is not blurred. One of them does not tell the truth precisely; but which one is it? Rashomon is one of the early masterpieces of Akira Kurosawa.

The movie of Nosferatu, eine Symphonie des Grauens, dated 1922, is about an ordinary man named Thomas Hutter. He is an ordinary man who does various works for his famous boss, Knock in Wisborg, Germany. The boss sends the young man to Transylvania to visit a new client named Count Orlok. As Hutter arrives Carpathian Mountains, he took a break and started to talk with the local people he met. When he said that he came to see Count Orlok, everyone gets terrified. Even if the locals try to give Hutter back as soon as possible by saying Orlok is a mysterious people, Hutter will not hesitate to take on this dangerous and mysterious journey.

La règle du jeu, the masterpiece of Jean Renoir is considered one of the best movies in cinema history. It deals with the French aristocracy before the Second World War, through the French bourgeoisie who came together in a hunting party. The life styles of the guests, the secret relationships between them, and their outlook reveal the world of 1939. This movie is the last movie of the director made in France before going to Hollywood. The film, which was created and censored at that time, met with the audiences with the director’s edition after many years.

Metropolis, which was taken in 1927, contains both chasing and love inside. Once the story is over the present, and it is passing somewhere in the future. Moreover, this is a really dazzling city, which is called Metropolis. Duke Red, as a malicious person, plans to dominate the world from Ziggurat’s hill. He hopes to make the machines all over the world unworkable by pushing a single button. On the one hand, he wanted the fugitive scientist Dr. Laughton to make beautiful and perfect robots by taking his dead daughter Tima as a sample in a secret lab. When Duke’s son, Rock, discovers the lab, he gets into jealousy and burns up. Detective Shunsaku and his nephew Kenichi come from Japan. Their goal is to catch Laughton. When Kenichi rescues Tima by thinking she is a real person, a new chase and a strong love start.




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