Home Technology Are you ready for hybrid planes?

Are you ready for hybrid planes?


The US based Zunum Aero announced that the electric model of the hybrid aircraft will be in use by the 2020s over the years.

Nowadays, most of the automobile manufacturers have turned their backs on fossil fuels and work to develop electricity-driven models. Tesla is heading up these innovative automobile manufacturers. A similar project is preparing to reshape the aviation world. The US based company named Zunum Aero is one of the most prominent entrepreneurs working to produce electric aircrafts. The company received support from Boeing and JetBlue. They gave a launch date for hybrid aircrafts. The company is planning to release hybrid airplanes in the 2020s.  10 to 50 passengers will be able to travel in each flight in the airplanes using electricity instead of fossil fuels.  They announced that these planes will go 1,125 miles with a single rechargeable range.

The company plans to develop a model that can travel 1600 miles with a single charge by 2030s. Their ultimate aim is developing a fully electric aircraft model. The airline companies will possibly reduce their costs by using the hybrid aircrafts, especially on short-haul flights. Zunum Aero previously collaborated with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) on electric aircraft engines.

It seems that with these hybrid airplanes, the costs of the flights will be less, may be the flight tickets will be cheaper; it can be possible to get to places much faster than today; and the planes will be quieter, with lower emissions. Hybrid planes promise a lot. We will see what they can do in the near future.


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