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Applications with Night Modes


If you are using the phone in bed, open the night mode of these applications not to feel as if you are looking at the sun. Looking at the phone on the bed is destroying your sleeping order. If you cannot leave your phone, you can activate “night mode” by each app not to feel like you are looking at the sun.

The night modes taking place in the apps are different from Night Shift on iOS and Night Mode on Android. The night modes provided by the applications usually change the color of text colors with background colors. Here are some of the applications which offer night mode features.

Twitter: Open your profile and use the “Open night mode” option. Open your profile and touch the setting icon. Now touch Display and scroll down. Under “Theme”, touch “Night”.

WhatsApp: WhatsApp does not have a night mode. But, you can choose a gray background by following Chats> Chat Background> Straight colors.

Instapaper: Instapaper’s dark mode also reduces the brightness of photos. Touch the Aa button on any article and select the darkest of the four options. Alternatively, you can enable “Auto Dark Mode” in the Settings menu.

Google Maps: The navigation mode automatically switches to dark mode. If you like, you can open it yourself in Navigation Setup> Color scheme.

Threes: It’s a merciless decision to have night mode in such an addictive game. Activate the “Night Colors” option by pulling your finger to the right in the menu.

Unfortunately, the night mode of Gmail, Facebook and Instagram is not yet available. We would like to have night modes to Gmail, Facebook and Instagram applications which will make our lives easier in the near future.


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