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Apple released it is working on self-driving cars


New details about Apple’s self-driving cars got out in the open. According to the published documents, Apple is planning to test self-driving car technology in three vehicles. Apple will test this technology with Lexus-signed cars like Google. It is stated that Apple will probably use the 2015 model Lexus RX models and 6 drivers will be found in the car during the test.

The allegations about Apple’s self-driving car have been revealed in the last months of 2016. The company has been said to be interested in the automated car technology and market for the past two years. Apple had kept its silence about the subject when the rumors first started. They finally confirmed its secret initiative in a statement to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) of the US. Steve Kenner, Apple’s director of product integrity explained that the company has been investing heavily in the study of machine learning and automation, and said they were excited about the potential need of automated systems in many areas.

With this explanation Apple accepted for the first time that it is working on machine learning and automation technology to develop self-driving cars. It was also stated that Apple intends to focus on a self-driving car platform instead of developing a self-driving car. Last December, it was reported that Apple was working on machine learning technologies, including the transportation sector. Apple’s self-driving car is expected to be sold in 2020.


Another rumor was about the possible sale of McLaren, a British automotive company producing sports cars, by Apple. Apple was supposed to buy McLaren in the end of the year we passed. McLaren’s CEO, Mike Flewitt, stated in a press release that Apple had visited them and they had negotiated with Apple. But, Apple did not make any offer.



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