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Adidas introduced its new recycled shoes!


Adidas presented its new recycled footwear designs. At the celebrations of Earth Day, Adidas announced its new partnership with Parley. Parley is an organization focused on protecting the oceans from pollution.  With the announcement of their partnership, Adidas also introduced its three new models of high-end running shoes. The original Ultra Boost, the Ultra Boost Uncaged and the Ultra Boost X are the newest high-end running shoes of Adidas which are produced by using recycled Primeknit material, each of which is 95% recycled from marine plastic garbage.

According to the press release of Adidas, 11 plastic bottles were used for the production of each shoe. The company is planning to produce at least a million more pairs like these until the end of 2017. And by having such a recycled production it aims to show the company’s overall commitment to sustainability.

In addition to the partnership with Parley, Adidas has declared that it has also established a partnership with Major League Soccer about producing team clothes from recycled Parley Ocean Plastics. However, these clothes will not be sold. The new UltraBooster designs will be available on May 10th, 2017 at Adidas stores, with a price of $ 200.

Beside the works of Adidas for commitment to sustainability, it has also contributed technological innovations. Adidas has opened a factory called Speed Factory in Germany where production is made by the robots.  Adidas had announced the production of the first shoe in this factory in the early days of 2017. It aims to produce only 500 units by the end of the year. Of course, 500 piece of shoes has no effect on the global supply chain, but it is promising for the future.


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