Home Technology A new malware appeared affecting 14 million devices with Android

A new malware appeared affecting 14 million devices with Android


Newly realized CopyCat software has been earning millions of dollars with false ad clicks. Recently we started to hear malware news very often. There started to be seen dangerous malwares on the desktop side, on the server side or on the mobile side. The last of these malwares appeared in the mobile side.

A new malware called CopyCat has affected 14 million Android devices, according to the data ofnthe ad-centric Check Point. Software devices can become root, become system administrators, and start to install different malware. So it monitors all the activity on the device and runs its own functions. So far, software has rooted 8 million devices and installed 4 million other software. At the moment, no data theft is reported because the software has made a lot of money in a different way. It’s reported that the software has earned around $ 1.5 million in revenue through unauthorized ad impressions.

CopyCat is integrated into many popular applications. It is not explained what these are, however it is stated that hackers re-encode popular applications as Apk, then re-encode them with malicious software and download them in third party insecure stores. For example, the user downloads the Facebook application from an unfamiliar application store, however the application is not genuine and has malware injected into it. Technology experts want users to scan their devices with anti-virus applications which are protected against malware. It is also advised not to download apps from non-familiar app stores.


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