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6 useful tips for Android Phones


Android is a powerful operating system at an incredible level, and it would be a huge waste to use it only for WhatsApp and phone calls. Here are 6 tips and tricks to use your Android phone with the full potential.

1 – Compass and barometer: Your Android phone has not only an accelerometer, but also a compass, proximity light sensor, and even a barometer. Normally these parts work together with different applications to make your phone more useful, but you can use the compass feature only with an application like Compass: Smart Compass.

2 – Google search by voice when the screen is off: When you say “Ok Google” to your android device, it will start to listen to you. Some phones, like Moto X, have the ability to listen even when the screen is off. Apple has a similar feature, “hey Siri“, which only works when iPhone is charging or connected. If you want the “Ok Google” feature to always work: Google Settings> Sound> Ok Google Detection> Just touch the always-on button.

3 – Lock or clear your lost phone:  If you lost your phone, Android has a caveat for such situations. With “Find My Device app” developed by Google, you can follow your lost phone and even delete your data remotely.

4 – Barcode reader: If you want to use your phone camera as a barcode reader, you can immediately access the reviews of the products you see in stores using applications such as QR and Barcode Reader.

5 – Access Chrome tabs from other devices: If you use the same Google account on all your devices, you can move your tabs from one device to another. All you need to do is log in to Chrome on all of the devices with the same Google account. Then you can see your tabs on other devices in the history part.

6 – Sports coach: You can track how much you walk during the day, how much calories you have burned, and even how much you sleep with different value measuring sensors on your Android device. All you need to do is downloading one of the Google Fit or Samsung Health apps and start the exerciser.


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