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5 ways to start the day pleasantly


We would like to start the day in a pleasant way, to wake up happily, to go to work happily and readily, and not to worry about the rest of the day. Everyone has different methods to do all or mostly some of these feelings. But there are some things that it is almost impossible for these things to add a positive energy to any person. Here are 5 different ways of having a happy, energetic and enthusiastic start to the new day.

Start the day with a glass of water. Drinking water as the first job in the morning, refreshes your body, and helps you start the day with a more vigorous body and mind. Also, when you make it a habit, the first water you drink in the morning will be positive in relation to the positive results you receive.

Prepare an energetic playlist which you can listen to while you’re dressed. We often need something that will push us and raise our modus while applying our routines in the morning. Listening to music is one of the first choices for most people. Instead of losing time thinking about ‘what to listen to’ every morning, put together the songs you think will raise your mod and prepare a playlist. In order not to get bored of the same songs, renew your listeners every month.

Create a calendar of things to do in the morning. A list of things you can do or try every day will make you feel excited when you wake up in the morning and move faster. For example, cornflakes you will try for the first time, having breakfast at a different place from where you always eat your breakfast, will add color to your day’s routine.

Have enough sleep. A good night’s sleep can make you wake up in the morning before your alarm. To get a clean and smooth sleep, you can put your phone away from where you put before sleeping at night, get help from an eye band if you have trouble sleeping.

Use social media to enhance your enjoyment in the mornings. Every morning your first thing that many of us do is to look at our phones. If so, you can prejudice this habit in favor of you.  Keep track of the social media accounts that make you smile, enjoy videos and photos. Discover fun radio shows you can listen to while you’re dressed, at breakfast or while brushing your teeth. Laughing will increase your motivation more than you think.


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