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Fewer participants than expected: anti-vaccination campaigners march through Berlin


Accompanied by loud counter-protest, hundreds of people are demonstrating again in Berlin against the federal government’s corona policy. They demand more self-determination in the fight against the pandemic and a waiver of vaccinations. The police have to intervene again and again along the route.

In protest against the Corona restrictions, people took to the streets again in Berlin. Far fewer participants than expected by the organizers have come to the demonstration known as the “silent march” on Sunday. According to the police, around 5000 participants were registered. Counter-demonstrators also gathered and protested, some loudly, against the opponents of the corona measures.

The police announced via Twitter in the afternoon: “Our colleagues are currently doing everything they can to ensure that the meetings and counter-protests can take place regularly – also by pushing, pushing and carrying them away.” Around 600 police officers are on duty in Berlin because of the demonstrations.

The participants in the “silent march”, which started in the Prenzlauer Berg district and is supposed to end at Alexanderplatz, largely adhered to the mask requirement, according to the police. Criminal charges have been written occasionally. The police spokeswoman said that the certificates presented, which were supposed to exempt from the mask requirement, gave rise to the suspicion that they were not genuine.

Occasionally there were minor scuffles

On the route there were always noisy people with saucepans who wanted to disrupt the elevator. Occasionally, “Nazis out” shouts were heard. There were banners on balconies with the words: “Think clearly instead of thinking outside the box. No space for corona deniers and Nazis.”

Presumably from groups of counter-demonstrators, there was a brief sit-down and occasional minor scuffles with the police. According to initial estimates, around 200 to 300 people who demonstrated against the “silent march” gathered on Schönhauser Allee.

Demands of the “silent march” demonstrators include more self-determination in the fight against the pandemic, fewer restrictions by government regulations and a waiver of vaccinations.

On Saturday, Leipzig was also the venue for protests by opponents of the Corona policy and counter-demonstrations. In Berlin, several thousand people protested against the Corona policy at the Brandenburg Gate last Wednesday. Water cannons were in use. According to the police, there were 365 preliminary arrests and 77 police officers were injured.

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