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Energy-Saving Frugal Tips

Energy Saving Frugal Tips
Energy Saving Frugal Tips

We have been hearing about energy conservation for years, but it is only recently that it has come to the forefront of most discussions.

There are ways we can save money by being more energy efficient. Here are some tips you can utilize in your home to conserve energy and thus realize a yearly savings on your bills.

1. Purchase energy-efficient light bulbs. They last longer and us less energy than standard light bulbs.

2. Ensure that all appliances have the Energy Star logo. Unplug appliances when not it use.

3. Check out the new Energy Star ceiling fans that are available. They utilize less than half the amount of energy than conventional light and fan units.

4. Turn off and shut down your computer when not in use instead of keeping it in sleep mode.

5. Most cable TVs, if programmed properly, will shut off if you click the power button on the remote. However, there are instances in which it may be necessary to shut both the cable and the TV separately. For older model TVs, this problem does occur and the result is that although the cable is turned off, the TV is actually still on. Check to ensure both TV and cable units are shut down before you go to bed.

6. Clean the air conditioner filter often.

7. Winterize your home.

8. Lower the thermostat during the day, and keep it on the desired temp at night.

9. Check the refrigerator thermostat to ensure it is kept on the recommended setting. With some refrigerators, keeping too many items in the freezer may cause the compressor and motor to continuously run. Read the manual to determine what steps need to be taken to ensure maximum energy compliance.

10. Turn the lights off when leaving any room in your home.

11. Take shorter showers.

12. Wash a full load of clothes in cold water. Use the dishwasher for full loads only.

13. Use the microwave instead of the oven, if applicable.

These are just some tips you can utilize to become more energy efficient during these tough economic times. Make these steps part of your daily routine as we all strive to engage in energy conversation and save money at the same time.


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