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Driving Change Forward

Happy New Year! More Than Wheels’ mission is to give families in need a hand-up towards financial stability, good credit, and a car they can count on. Instead of sharing all kinds of data and figures regarding how More Than Wheels changed people’s lives in 2017, we thought it’d be best for you to hear it from the people we’ve worked with:

Take Fantasia’s journey for example:

Growing up, Fantasia was never taught how to budget or manage her credit, so when credit card offers started showing up in her mailbox she accepted them without much thought. Then, life happened. Fantasia found herself having to pay for unexpected expenses when a family member passed away, which led to her financial struggles. She was at a loss when it came to getting her finances under control, and to make matters worse her car was old and needed to be replaced.

Fantasia was working at a retail store in the Greater Boston area when a customer told her about the More Than Wheels program.

“I’ve had the worst luck with choosing a nice reliable car. I didn’t have a lot of guidance in that area, and I was a working college student trying to get all of my finances together. Overall, the program sounded great for me.”

After Fantasia enrolled into the program, she received guidance on how to start building credit the right way and make a realistic budget. Fantasia liked working with her financial coach and knowing someone was there to answer any questions she had.

Fantasia quickly realized that she needed to stop avoiding her debt and start repaying it. With help from More Than Wheels, Fantasia:

  • Paid down $1438 of debt
  • Set aside $1275 into her savings
  • Learned how to manage her credit and communicate with creditors
  • Increased credit score by 76 points
  • Bought a brand new Nissan Versa at a 3.29% interest rate

Fantasia realized, “Being aware of my finances has definitely helped me out by revamping my budget every month, doing strategic planning, monitoring my money, and being conscious of the little things I spend money on. Now, I can continue to be on top of my budget and have the lifestyle that I want to have.”

One of Fantasia’s coworkers was talking about getting a new car and she told her colleague  about More Than Wheels, “I told them how it’s not just about a car, but about your whole lifestyle.”

Wishing you all the very best in 2018! We are looking forward to all this year will bring.


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