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“Doesn’t concern the state”: Merz insists on a Christmas party with family


Can Christmas still be saved? This question is currently not only a concern for many citizens, but also for politicians. The CDU chancellor candidate Friedrich Merz has a very clear opinion: Whether the party is spent with the family is none of the government’s business.

CDU chairman Friedrich Merz has warned the federal and state governments against maintaining the corona restrictions over Christmas. “You can say in mid-November that Christmas can take place in families,” Merz told the Berlin “Tagesspiegel”. “That shouldn’t be questioned. Personally, I say: It is none of the government’s business how I celebrate Christmas with my family.”

The former Union faction leader was skeptical about the crowds at New Year’s Eve parties. “As far as the New Year’s Eve is concerned, you can now give an outlook: New Year’s Eve parties probably cannot take place. You could also say that in mid-November, that much won’t change by the end of the year.”

As a citizen of this country, he would like “a little more horizon in terms of timing,” emphasized Merz. On Wednesday, Chancellor Angela Merkel and the Prime Ministers of the federal states want to discuss the Corona requirements again.

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