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Disney’s $71.3 Billion Fox Merger; Donald Trump Shifts Campaign Funds To Business


hey everyone happy Friday hope you’ve had a good week don’t worry if you’ve

missed anything because we’re going over at all in this week’s episode of Forbes

flash a Forbes analysis of the latest campaign filings reveals that Donald Trump has shifted 1.3 million dollars of his campaign donor money into his business although outsiders have contributed more than 50 million dollars to the re-election campaign the billionaire president hasn’t handed over any of his own cash at the end of last year Forbes reported on the first 1 point 1 million

dollars that Trump moved from his

campaign into his business since then

his campaign filed additional

documentation showing that it spent

another 180 thousand dollars at Trump

owned properties in the final three

months of 2018 before he was elected he

did spend 50 million of his own money

from April 2015 to June 2016 but once he

was officially named the Republican

nominee for president his financing

model changed from July to November of

2016 Outsiders contributed 234 million will

Trump put up just 16 million once he

became president the campaign put up

more than 800,000 in to Trump Tower

commercial LLC the holding company

through which Trump owns his interest in

the original Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue

Trump Tower commercial LLC took in an

additional two hundred and twenty five

thousand dollars in rent from the

Republican National Committee which

coordinated those payments with the

campaign that means that since the

inauguration Trump’s reelection effort

has had a hand in funneling more than 1

million dollars into the president’s

most famous property after a year in the

making the seventy one point three

billion dollar mega merger between

Disney and 21st Century Fox became

official Wednesday morning the deal is a

huge move for Disney giving them access

to new assets including the 20th Century

Fox film and TV studios an additional

30% stake in Hulu cable channels FX and

National Geographic an Indian media

conglomerate star India for Fox it means

a new company Fox corporation which

includes Fox News Channel and Fox’s

broadcast network

for Rupert Murdoch the founder of 21st

Century Fox who ran the company for 39

years the media mogul was already a

billionaire but just 12 hours after the

deal was official on Wednesday his

estimated fortune escalated to 18 point

four billion dollars which is four point

three billion dollars more than he was

worth the day before Fox and Disney

first announced the deal back in

December 2017 Murdoch’s 39 percent stake

of the new Fox Corporation is worth 4.2

billion dollars and assuming he took all

stock from the Disney Deal he now owns

ten point five billion dollars worth of

Disney stock the upcoming tech IPO boom

is coming which will bring a wave of

newly minted millionaires and produce a

potential 230 billion dollar market

windfall six future IPOs and the

reported market valuations of their

companies are uber at a hundred and

twenty billion dollars lyft at fifteen

billion dollars Palantir at 41 billion


Airbnb at 31 billion dollars slack at

seven billion dollars Pinterest at

twelve billion dollars and post mates at

two billion dollars of those so far only

lyft has filed publicly for an IPO while

post mates Pinterest uber and slack are

reported to have confidentially filed

Palantir and Airbnb could be expected

for later in 2019 based on those six

companies alone Andy Ratliff Silicon

Valley expert roughly estimates that the

top tech IPOs will create about six

thousand millionaires although it’s a

rough estimate it’s an indication of

magnitude rather than the precise number

in other words the number of

millionaires is likely to be in the

single-digit thousands not hundreds of

thousands it will be interesting to see

if the unusual rush of IPOs and their

concentration in the San Francisco Bay

Area will affect housing prices a lot of

news in the VC world this week Serena

Williams will join 30 under 30 alum

Whitney Woolf heard as an investor an

active member of the Bumble fund Serena

ventures Williams’s own fund has

invested in upwards of 30 companies by

focusing on underrepresented founders or

problems empowering creativity or

empowering oneself and future technology

global advisor to bumble Serena Williams

says I am passionate about building on

this progress and opening doors for

women of all backgrounds especially

women of color to share this message and

trust in their potential to accomplish

great things by joining forces with the

Bumble fund will continue amplifying

female entrepreneurs and creating a

place for them to personally and

professionally champion their growth all

right what a week thanks for tuning in

to hear about some of the biggest

stories here on Forbes flash we’ll be

back next week


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